Finally Some Recognition : Emmys 2015


I watched the Emmys last night, it was partially boring but I was proud as a black woman at what recognition, us black women received.

The beautiful talented Regina  King, received her first Emmy in the category of “Limited Series or Movies Supporting Actress” for her role in American Crime. She started out acting in the 1980’s show 227, then branched off into movies such as  A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and Friday. Taraji P. Henson, one of my favorite actresses, presented Regina with the Emmy. Taraji showed Regina so much love, merit and recognition.

Another moment that made history last night was Viola Davis becoming the FIRST black woman to win “LEAD Actress in a Drama Series” for her role in How To Get Away With Murder.” This was Viola’s first Emmy. In her speech she said “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. ” With that quote, I believe she was saying that black women get the second-hand or even third-hand acting jobs, such as slaves, servants, side kicks, etc. We are better than just those characters. To see how far black women have came, it’s an accomplishment.

Also Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes in Orange Is The New Black, won her second Emmy for the second year straight for her role in Orange Is The New Black. Last year she won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in A Comedy Series and this year she upgraded.

You all know that I love Key & Peele and the show did not win any awards last night BUT at least they were nominated.

Welp that’s all I got for you all, until next time. DANII GOLD is out!

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Dancing With The Stars Season 21 Premiere


Dancing With the Stars premiered their 21st Season this past Tuesday on ABC. I can honestly say that I’ve never watched the show but they have a good line up this season. I only know about six people honestly, but I was intrigued with this first episode.

This year’s line consist of:

  • Tamar Braxton- Co Host of The Real Talk Show
  • Nick Carter – member of the 90’s boy bank Backstreet Boys
  • Gary Busey- Actor from movies such as Lethal Weapon, Under Siege and other films
  • Andy Grammar- Pop Male Artist
  • Victor Espinosa- Multiple Winning Jockey
  • Hayes Grier- Social Media Star
  • Paula Deen- Well-known cooking show host
  • Alexa PenaVega- known for her role in the Spy Kids movies
  • Carlos PenaVega- husband of Alexa, but they won’t be dance partners. He’s known from the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush
  • Bindi Erwin- daughter of Steve & Terri Erwin, the Crocodile Hunter. She has had a few of her own television shows
  • Alek Skarlatos- National Guard specialist who became a hero, along with his two friends, stopped an attacker on a train from harming and killing passengers.
  • Kim Zolciak- Reality Star from the show Real Atlanta of Housewives, and football wife to Kroy Biermann, who plays for the Atlanta Falcons.
  • Last but certainly not least, Ms. Chaka Khan- The QUEEN of Funk, who’s won several Grammys and she has had several hit songs
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So, on with the show, I think majority of the dancers were nervous but the top three that I think killed it were Tamar Braxton, Bindi Erwin and Alexa PenVegas. Tamar is already confident as it is, so it would be a shame if she didn’t bring that attitude in her performance. Bindi is full of energy and life and her personality showed in her performance. I had never heard of her before the show but when I saw her, she was full of so much life and excitement and it’s hard not to like her. OMG  Alexa PenVegas killed her performance. She was so speedy and sharp. She’s grown from that little girl in Spy Kids, to a talented young lady.

Some performance I was shocked about were Kim and Chaka, Kim is extremely nervous which is expected but she was on reality television acting out like it was no biggie, I would have expected more from her but hopefully she improves as the weeks go on. Chaka, Miss Chaka;  The Queen of Funk was a little rusted or maybe the type of dance she did this week wasn’t in her ball park.

I know I may sound sexist by only commenting on the female performances but I have so comments on the guys as well. Mr. Nick Carter, the boy band hottie, he started off kind of shaky but he got in the groove of things and had a nice performance. Alek, whom I’ve never heard of, had a sweet ballroom performance that was very elegant and since he’s an American hero in a sense, I’m sure he won the viewer’s heart Tuesday night. Gary Busey–truthfully he just seems too old to be dancing. Yes you can dance at whatever age you feel but Gary didn’t do good to me and he may want to hang it up. Yeah it was worth a try but I don’t think he’ll get far. Also he seems like a creek but that’s my personal opinion.

I look forward to the results of next weekend. Hopefully known of my favorite people get voted off.

DANII GOLD is out!

Who does that? : Key & Peele Canceled

I can’t believe Key and Peele aired their last show yesterday (September 9, 2015). Really, “Who Does That?” (*Meegan voice ).

If you’re not familiar with the show, Key and Peele are a comedy pair played by Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele and they act out comedy sketches and imitate real life people.  One of the characters that Peele plays is Meegan, a rude, ignorant, dingy girlfriend of Andre, played by Key; who is smart, polite but too dumb to leave Meegan’s crazy ass. As Peele plays her, he uses a white girl voice and uses a typical demeanor and tone as a white female. Meegan likes to cause drama and wants Andre to chase after her but just when she thinks about making up, she looks at Andre seductively then dramatically walks off.

Jordan Peele does a perfect impersonation of President Barack Obama and he uses Key and his hood translator and they talk about typical issues but add comedy to it.

Key is best known for his character of the Substitute Teacher. In that skit, he plays a “inner city” substitute teacher who pronounces every student’s name wrong–A-A-Ron (Aaron), Ba-lak-kay (Blake), De-Nice ( Denise). The comedy in this is that inner city students have odd spelled and pronounced names. So as he is calling out all these incorrectly pronounced names, he’s getting no response and he starts snapping out on the students. The infamous Substitute Teacher episode was aired in their second season of doing their show. It’s crazy to see that Key & Peele actually got their break on MadTv and then branched off into an even bigger comedy sketch show.                                                     


According to Key, it wasn’t the network but instead himself and Peele who decided to wrap up the show. He goes on to say that it’s time for them to explore other options and they ” may ” even make a movie then do their own thing, then do another movie and etc. Even though nothing is set in stone, I would LOVE to see that happen. The two were nominated for EIGHT Emmy Awards this year, that is simply amazing. The Award Show airs Sunday September 20, so hopefully they take the win on at least one award.

I’m really going to miss this show!

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Danii Gold out!!