Fact 2: First Black College

According to jhbe.com, on April 29, 1854 The Ashmun Institute in Oxford, Pennsylvania was the First Black college for black men, where you could earn a degree. Even though Cheyney University may have been a college established for African Americans in 1837, they weren't a degree-granting institute. Ashmun created theological, classical and scientific training to … Continue reading Fact 2: First Black College


#OscarsWhiteout Nominations 2016

  The list of Oscar Nominations came out yesterday and as person could notice, there was something missing from the categories---black actors/actresses. I understand that the year 2015 wasn't a big year for us, Blacks people to star in a lot of movies. A few movies that came out last year starring Black people were: … Continue reading #OscarsWhiteout Nominations 2016

Golden Globe Awards: My favorite highlights

The Golden Globes were alright to me...just alright.The highlight of the night for me, other than Denzel Washington winning the Cecile B. Millie Award, was one of my favorite actresses winning the award for Best Actress in A Drama Television Series--Taraji P Henson. I just LOVE this lady. This was her first Golden Globe win … Continue reading Golden Globe Awards: My favorite highlights

Me’Nonca Johnson: Independent Public Relations Consultant

The year 2015 was a year of young adults being their own boss, from starting online boutique stores, to creating their own brand of clothing--BUT then there is Me'Nonca Johnson, or "MJ". She is different from that typical line of entrepreneurship, she is an independent Public Relations Consultant.   With MJ's self-sufficient attitude, she's managed … Continue reading Me’Nonca Johnson: Independent Public Relations Consultant

Boxycharm Arrival

That’s a deal you’re getting, especially only paying $21 a month.

So finally my month subscription arrived!

I’ve been with Boxycharm going a little over 9 month now. Every time I receive it in the mail I always get excited. There is always about 4-5 full size product (some times more like this month), some are every high end and other you can get from a local store. I pay $21 dollars a month. I have always loved the variety! So I’ll show what I received this month.

This is how the box normally looks. 20151220_122251 (1)

It always has a monthly theme.


It gives a list and price range for the products inside. 20151220_122639

I haven’t tried all of these product yet. But I have tried the Ofra Creme Long Lasting Lipstick (Picture 3). As well as the Bellapierre Gel Lip Liner (Picture 1) and I love those two together. I have always tried the NCLA Cuticle oil (Picture 5)and I must say…

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