The Simple Things, Like School Supplies

It’s the simple things in life that make you appreciate being a kid again. From watching cartoons while eating Froot Loops cereal, to playing UNO, and even buying school supplies makes you reminisce

Yesterday, I went into Walmart to do some grocery shopping and I came across the school supply section. Now just a brief history, when I was a kid I use to LOVE school supplies, like Lisa Frank folders and notebooks, colorful pens. I even liked markers, crayons and those cute little planners. So while I’m in Walmart, looking at all the supplies, all memories started coming back to me. It made me realize that I have no reason to go school supply shopping anymore. It use to make me happy as a kid to go, something that simple. Now that I’ve graduated high school AND college, I don’t get to have that pleasure of going anymore. Maybe once I have children I’ll be able to enjoy the fun in it again, and even then my children may not find that much enjoyment in it.

The moral of my story is this; enjoy the simple things while they last, like your kid’s first words or them walking; or you not having any responsibilities; and even  buying supplies that remind you of your youth and when the only thing that mattered was school and not paying bills.

Cherish the simple things.


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A War Has Started

Last week has been very eventful and not in a good way. Tuesday night July 5, Alton Sterling was shot by the police in Baton Rogue outside of a local market. Less than 24 hours later Philando Castile was shot by a Minnesota police officer in his girlfriend’s car while they were being stopped for a broken tail light. After he was shot, his girlfriend immediately started broadcasting it. That’s TWO killings of black men by police officers in one week.

More recently, FIVE police officers were at a peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas Thursday July 7. The shooter—Micah X Johnson, a black man with no criminal history, who was an army reservist that spent some time in Afghanistan.. Before he was killed by a robot bomb, he said he was outraged with the killings of the black men that occurred last week.

The next day ( July 8) a police officer was killed in Ballwin, Mo; which is a small suburb community outside of St. Louis, my hometown.

Black people are fed up. Fed up with being mistreated, discriminated against, KILLED! Even with body cameras and bystanders recording the last few killings in the past 2 years, the police are still getting off the hook for these killings of black people, NOT just men but women as well.

At this point, the question is: what else can we do? We’ve protested, marched, recorded, read our rights to know what to do in these circumstances, complied with the law, been upfront and honest when asked if we have any weapons on us and STILL, we get killed. So is the answer to the question to keep fighting, protesting and recording OR fight back the police and kill them like Micah Johnson did ? I’m not saying killing the police is right but until there is equality….its going to be a war out here is the real until our voice is heard and we are treated with the same respect and rights as the next race.




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WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?? Another black man being killed by a white police officer is nothing new to the WORLD.

Alton Sterling, a 37 year old man, was selling CDs outside of a local Baton Rogue market when he was approached by two white officers. The police got a call saying that Alton was outside of the market, threatening people with a gun. There is footage of the incident circulating around social media. In the video, you can see the officers tackled him to the round and one officer yelling “gun” (but there was no gun in sit from the victim” and then you hear and see the office fire 6 shots into Alton’s chest. Talk about GRAPHIC.

The store owner, who was a witness to the crime said that the police tazed Alton and pushed him on the silver car. Then they tackled him to the ground.He says that Alton didn’t reach for a gun and it was not visible when he was on the ground. The store owner says that the gun was only visible when the police officer reached in Alton’s pocket and got it out, AFTER he had been shot. He adds that, from what he saw, the police didn’t have to shoot Alton and the police could have handled it differently. All Alton was trying  to do was find out why he was being arrested.

Celebrities have expressed their concerns about the incident. Cardi B from Love and Hip Hop New York went on a rant saying “If you fucking scared of a black man laying  on the floor, you shouldn’t be a cop, you a coward.”  Actor Jesse Williams had a series of tweets on how he felt about the incident. Even rapper The Game shared a long post on Instagram saying that we need to do more than create hashtags on social media; we need to take action!

Alton’s family spoke out about the crime of their loved one and you can see his 15  year-old son breaking down on television. It was heartbreaking to see him cry and even sadder to see the mother of his son try to hold back her tears while talking about the crime.

Alton Sterling Family Breaking Down (Video Credit CNN.COM)

In my opinion, this is getting ridiculous. By “this” I mean the killing of our black people by police officer AND by other black men. It seems that since black people are killing black people, the police see that it’s okay to kill them/us as well. These killings have spiraled out of control and now that there is footage supporting the injustice, justice is still not being served. When will it stop? Will it ever stop?



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“No Disrespect”—but….

Sister Souljah released her debut book “No Disrespect” in 1994 and it relates to women till this day and NOT in a good way.It’s titled No Disrespect but each chapter, someone is getting blatantly disrespected.Even when someone in the book is trying not to be disrespectful, they are being just that.

The book has seven parts about different individuals who have influenced “the character’s” life. The story is being told in first person so her name is never mentioned, so I’m going to refer to her as Character. Character has had different instances of dealing with men and that brought her to having high standards, to sharing with someone’s man. She’s seen her parents go from happy to divorce. Her father lost his job, then started having mental health issues, which led to the divorce. Her father would see her and her siblings every weekend to eventually not seeing them at all. Her mother and siblings  had to move into a low-income neighborhood where they depended on government assistance. Character saw her mother dealing with nothing-ass men just to get by and make ends meet and that brought on a bad perspective she started to see with men.

Character was always different and “enlightened” and as we say it these says “conscious.” She went to college, dated a guy and was even in a relationship with him, only to find out that he was secretly gay. That’s strike two of her bad encounters with men.

Character meets a friend who teaches her how to be throw herself out there to get what she wants–sexually. Character tried it and it didn’t work until, she met a guy a few years older than her. This man was married but she connected with him on an intellectual level and that’s what started her affair with him. She knew from the jump that he was taken but that didn’t stop her, of course the affair had to end because someone found out about it.

The next man that comes into Character’s life goes out of his way to make her his woman. He lied about his lifestyle and she accepted under the condition that he would stop. After dealing with the effects of his lifestyle and finding out he had a wife AND two kids, she was scarred by men internally and mentally and would never love the same again.

By the time character meets the last man in the book, she has the mentality that if her significant other is honest with her, she doesn’t care if there is another woman in the picture, as long as he keeps it real with her. She had came to the conclusion that there is a shortage of black men and black women would have to share regardless, whether they knew it or not so why not be honest from the jump? Men would cheat without us knowing anyhow so why not settle and have two or three women per one man. If that isn’t disrespectful then, I don’t know what is!! Yes Character really thought that would work out, until his girlfriend of almost 10 years said she wasn’t going for it and she wanted her man all to herself and she wasn’t sharing him. All in all, Character let the girlfriend have her man and left it alone.

So giving you that lengthy synopsis, in 2016 “some” women still have that same mindset of sharing a man. By sharing a man, some females are okay with being a side chick. You would never hear a woman say she is a man’s “other” girlfriend and actually being okay with it. So even if there is a shortage of men in the community society, whatever, we as women in general should never settle. Even IF in the end we are going to end up sharing a man because he would be unknowingly cheat on us but we the world wasn’t made for one man to have several women. I know in some countries and even different religions, men have multiple wife, but again that can be part of different religions and I don’t agree with and I guess that’s why I don’t practice it. The God I know made Adam and Eve, not Adam to have Eve and Eva ya know? Never settle, even if it takes forever to find the right one. Don’t be disrespectful.

Check out Sister Souljah’s book “No Disrespect.” It may be 14 years old but Sister has a way with words.