New Season Premieres This Week


I’m sooooo excited about this week’s shows coming back. Let me break it down for ya….

Tuesday (TODAY) –This Is Us comes back on tonight at 8pm on NBC, Channel 5 for my St. Louis folks. The last thing we remembered was Kate saying she was responsible for her dad’s (Jack) death.

this is us cast
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Wednesday–EMPIRE is back! It premieres at 8pm on FOX, Channel 2. I know a lot of people haven’t really been into it since jumping on the Power bandwagon, BUT I still watch it! Before the last season ended, there was a car explosive that Lucious was involved in (set up by Andre). When he woke up from the coma or concussion, he didn’t remember anything! *cues dramatic music* BUT him and Cookie are back together…for now.

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Also Star comes back on at 9pm on FOX, after Empire. I don’t watch it, but I’m just informing y’all lol!

Lastly, Thursday–How To Get Away With Murder is back, showing on at 9pm, on ABC, on Channel 12, for my Charter folks. Last thing I remember was Wes body being gone and seeing them showing a play by play of how he died. Please Lordt let that man still be alive because I cried when he died.



I hope you all enjoy it, just like I will!!



The Rxnaways Interview!

I was granted the opportunity to interview two cousins, who formed a music group inspired by eliminating negativity and doing what they want to do—! (Single “Do What I Wanna Do). They call themselves Rxnaways, individually known as B-Wxnda and DoDi.

They’ve traveled to places like Atlanta and California to promote their music and they are the next thing poppin!!





Follow them on:


Listen to their New Singles: “Do What I Wanna Do” and “On My Own.”

Me with B-Wxnda and DoDI

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Happy Birthday to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Show

On this day 27 YEARS AGO, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air aired on TV.  The “Prince” charmed everyone in the show and was even a successful artist outside of the sitcom.

I wasn’t born until ’91 but I remembered watching the reruns as a kid, once the final season was over.  To this day, it’s still one of my early childhood favorite shows.

Shout out to:

Will Smith, who played Will

Alfonso Ribeiro, who played Carlton

Karyn Parsons, who played Hillary

Tatyana Ali, who played Ashley

Janet Hubert, who played the original Vivian

Daphne Maxell Reid, who played thee other Vivivan

Dj Jazzy Jeff, who played Jazz

Jospeh Marcell, who played Geoffrey

And last but not least–James Avery, who played Uncle Phil; may he rest in peace.


Happy Birthday to the show and check out some the gifs below:

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Travel Alone, Its Okay!

“You traveling alone?”

“Are you meeting some man online down there or something??”

“You didn’t take no man with you for that long drive?”

“12 hours is a long time by yourself!”

These are all the comments and questions I got asked when I decided to drive to Dallas & Houston from St. Louis a couple months ago.

MY ANSWER: The show don’t stop for nobody.


Secondly: Why a man gotta go with me to travel outside the state?? 😒😒 sexist AF!

Thirdly : never will I go meet a guy I met online, in another state.

YES, I drove down to Houston by myself. Nobody rode with me and guess what???? I enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to do things solo and get ‘er done without folks. Yes, of course I asked my friends but they had other plans or couldn’t afford or couldn’t get the time off work or they probably  didn’t wanna go with me 🤷🏽‍♀️

I don’t have a twin, I came in this world solo so guess what?? I gotta do shit solo. This was, in a sense, a spiritual journey.

Now…there are some stipulations to traveling alone. Yes you can go by yourself but make sure:

•wherever you’re going, you know someone in that city/town.

•Also get you some rest.

•Gas up during the day

•Get a bunch of snacks..(if you love to eat like me)

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•Have some kind of weapon in your doesn’t have to be a gun. Something as simple as a bat, knife, or even a taser would do.

In my case, I was lucky. I drove to Springfield, Mo (my Alma Mater, GO BEARS), stayed with my little cousin for the night and then drove from there to Dallas the next morning, where I have a cousin who stays in Garland, Texas. I bonded with her then the next morning I was on to the next city: Houston. There, I have a slew of family so there was never a dull moment.

So my point is this: if you wanna travel to a city where you know people at, but you don’t have anyone to go with you…just go alone. People be all talk and no action, so why wait on them? I can honestly say I learned my lesson BUT…there I did take trip the last weekend of July to MIAMIIII with some lovely ladies. We had fun!!




That’s another traveling tip I want to give out: travel with dependable people and know what you’re travelers are willing to spend when you all go out. Not saying you gotta be balling but know what you wanna do before you go on that vacay, that way you’ll know how much money to bring.

At the end of the year, I’ll do a year review of where all I’ve traveled to this year.

Long story short: Travel alone, even if it’s alone, and make sure you plan accordingly.

Toodles ✌🏾 ✌🏾 ✌🏾



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