The Face Behind CS Productions

One of my good friends, Charles Staten Jr., from college had the opportunity to be featured in a DreamWorks Animations article. He’s been “From Trouble to Corporate Deals” as the article titles it; by getting his big break from recording a couples wedding dance a year ago in Dallas, TX, whom which are alumni of my school, Missouri State University. He posted the video and within hours he had over one million views and from there it’s been nothing but success. He has since started his own production company “CS Productions” and has been granted other deals and opportunities. I’m glad to say that I know this funny, talented guy.

Check out the article below to learn more about Charles E Staten Jr.


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Credit for the article: DreamWorks Animation.





Thanksgiving Disrespect: Black “Thursday”

So i’ve noticed for the past four plus years that these Black Friday sales have gotten out of control. Sales use to start at midnight on Friday and in recent years…they’re starting ON Thanksgiving, TF?

It’s  been said that black Friday was recognized in the 1860s when Southern plantation owners could by slaves (Black  people) at a discounted price. Along with that came public humiliation  and even more disrespect towards black people. What is  considered an “official”  story/origin of black Friday is when retail owners would profit (going black) during Black Friday  and holiday season but have losses ( go red) all year around.

Once upon a time ago,  Black Friday sales started on thee actual Friday, but it’s crept  it’s way into Thanksgiving,  starting at 8 PM, to 7 PM, to 6 PM, and to 5 friggin PM! How are you suppose to enjoy  your time with your family for Thanksgiving if you have to  go early Christmas shopping  in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner?  Now, I know all families are different but in the black community, 6 PM is when people are still eating, playing bingo, spades, left right center and whatever other games that we play for the holidays.  Who wants to cut their dinner short just to go in the store with hectic crazy people to get gifts?  There is this famous contraption called the Internet where you can purchase items on line versus going in the store to buy them. 😯😱 crazy right!

I, personally believe that since Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday it gets looked over. Christmas trees get brought out as soon Halloween is over 🙄 BUT  people surely take advantage of being off work for Thanksgiving AND the day before AND the day after.

If people want to use Thanksgiving as a reason to have dinner with their families there’s always Sunday dinner. I feel like if you not gon celebrate or acknowledge the day, then you should take ya ass to work…if it’s open!

I’ll let y’all in on a little secret, if you shop online, you get early access to Black Friday specials on Monday, at least. I’ve been  catching deals since Monday and now that it’s actual Thanksgiving, it’s the same deals. 😒

I’m just saying put some respect on the day or “holiday” and actually cherish it and be thankful for your family..hence “thanks”—giving lol. And if you really want to catch sales..just online shop, or risk your life and sanity by going into Walmart, where all the crazies go lol.




Happy 27th birthday to one of my FAVORITE artists. She became well-know so fast with her free spirit and say it how it is mentality.
She has made women like me realize that, you may not have the total package for one guy, i.e. his “supermodel”, but another guy will appreciate your flaws and all.
Also, it’s okay NOT to be a “normal girl”; AND you may be talking to a guy who’s talking to multiple women BUT don’t be an in denial woman, deal with him when you wanna deal with him (the weekend).
Happy birthday beautiful queen!


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Another Great Album: Heartbreak On a Full Moon

After listening to this album for 6 days now, I realized that maybe I should do a review on it. CHRIS BROWN CAN DO NO WRONG, MUSICALLY!   You can say whatever you want about him but one thing you can’t say is he isn’t talented. This man is talented beyond means, from acting, to singing, rapping, dancing AND fashion designer.

Even though the media has caught some of his bad moments, he’s had more good than bad; for instance, from the time he stepped on the music scene in 2005, he’s been nominated for over 200 awards and won 89 awards, including 1 Grammy for his F.A.M.E. album, which happened AFTER the Rihanna incident, that seems to never die down.

Chris has had 87 songs charted on the Billboards, 13 of those were top 10 hits and 2 of them were number 1 hit. He has released EIGHT albums in his 12-year career. Let’s just give this man credit because it’s definitely due.

Now, let’s talk about this album…GREATNESS!! I can’t think of an artist who produced 45 songs on ONE album! He sampled Roger, an 80’s artist in his song “Juicy Booty.” His two songs “Questions” and “Hope You Do” are interpolations of Kevin Little’s “Turn Me On” and Donnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be.” Other interpolates are “To My Bed” referencing to “Nice & Slow” by Usher, and “Even” which is a sample of Michael’s Jackson “Remember The Time.” This Album has some familiarity within that’ll make you want to keep listening. It has some top 100 hits for the variety radio stations and of course your normal R&B tunes from Chris.

So, before you criticize him for all his wrongdoing, look at his accomplishments. I’m not saying let his accomplishments make you forget about all the wrong he’s done BUT there are more pros than cons to him music and personal life.


ALBUM RATING: solid 5 ✨✨✨✨✨


Danii Gold out ✌🏾✌🏾


Photo credit: Chris Brown IG