The Face Behind CS Productions

One of my good friends, Charles Staten Jr., from college had the opportunity to be featured in a DreamWorks Animations article. He's been "From Trouble to Corporate Deals" as the article titles it; by getting his big break from recording a couples wedding dance a year ago in Dallas, TX, whom which are alumni of my school, Missouri State University. … Continue reading The Face Behind CS Productions


Thanksgiving Disrespect: Black “Thursday”

So i've noticed for the past four plus years that these Black Friday sales have gotten out of control. Sales use to start at midnight on Friday and in recent years...they're starting ON Thanksgiving, TF? It’s  been said that black Friday was recognized in the 1860s when Southern plantation owners could by slaves (Black  people) … Continue reading Thanksgiving Disrespect: Black “Thursday”


Happy 27th birthday to one of my FAVORITE artists. She became well-know so fast with her free spirit and say it how it is mentality. She has made women like me realize that, you may not have the total package for one guy, i.e. his “supermodel”, but another guy will appreciate your flaws and all. … Continue reading HAPPY BIRTHDAY SZA!!