Funniest Gifs and Memes from 2018 Grammys

Of course the internet is undefeated with the memes and the cameras never miss a moment to create a witty gif. Check them out below:     I don’t know about y’all but i laughed at ALL of these lol! Danii Gold out ✌🏾


Grammys 2018: Who SHOULD’VE Won

I tuned in to the Grammys last night and I was happy about the performances buuuuuut disappointed at some of the wins. For instance, I LOVE SZA, so of course I was rooting for her to win at least 1 out of the 5 Grammys she was nominated for, ESPECIALLY for Best New Artist, but … Continue reading Grammys 2018: Who SHOULD’VE Won

Happy Birthday Oprah!

Happy 64th birthday to Oprah. Not only is she a actress and talk show hosts, she is a philanthropist, Golden Globe winner, and a Network owner, She is internationally known for charity work and overall her great character. Happy birthday to a beautiful, intelligent Black Queen!  

Happy Birthday Aaliyah!

Happy Birthday to the talented, beautiful, singer and actress Aaliyah, who would’ve been 39 today. My favorite songs by her are: One In A Million Back and Forth More Than A Woman 4 Page letter Rock The Boat   What were your favorite Aaliyah songs??