When in Doubt, Travel It Out: Cabo Edition

I just got back from my trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and let me tell you...I needed it! Between going to work, being in school and working an internship, I never have time to focus on me. I was gone from Friday until Monday night (yesterday) and I didn’t even think about work or … Continue reading When in Doubt, Travel It Out: Cabo Edition


Art Appreciation: Andy Warhol

Featured Image Credit: artlife.com I know this is a random post since I don't blog about art but I'm currently in school and I'm taking digital art design classes and I'm doing a project on Andy Warhol. Ironically enough, today is his death anniversary! Today marks 31 years(1987) that Andy Warhol passed away from complications … Continue reading Art Appreciation: Andy Warhol

Black Panther Greatness

Featured image credit: qz.com Talk about GREATNESS! Did you know that Black Panther made $218 MILLION over the weekend all over the country? Andddd it's Black History Month! That some Black Excellence. I'm so proud of the movie's debut success! I went to see Black Panther on Friday, just like every other black person did … Continue reading Black Panther Greatness

Happy Birthday RiRi!!

Happy 30th birthday to the successful singer and businesswoman. Rihanna had a successful year last year when she launched her Fenty makeup line in September 2017 and racked up $72 million in the first month!! Fenty was also named one of the best inventions of 2017, by TIME magazine. She also raised over $2 billion … Continue reading Happy Birthday RiRi!!

Monique, Are You Done?

Hey My loves......When will Monique stop? I'm not going to discredit the woman but geezzzzz, she has an issue with EVERYONE. Just a week ago, she was complaining about movie director Will Packer trying to intimidate and ruin her career. Then, the big trending topic was her wanting everyone to boycott Netflix for offering her … Continue reading Monique, Are You Done?