Women’s Month Appreciation: Michelle Obama

WOMEN'S MONTH ISN'T OVER!! Today's Women's month appreciation post goes to the FIRST Black First Lady of the United States---MICHELLE OBAMA! You want to know why she's so amazingly dope? I'll tell ya. Michelle graduated from one of the top 10 ivy league schools in 1985---Princeton University. She graduated from another ivy league school with … Continue reading Women’s Month Appreciation: Michelle Obama


Women’s Appreciation Month: Oprah Winfrey

featured image: variety.com Today's Women Month fact goes to Oprah Winfrey. EVERYONE knows who Oprah is, BUT if you don't, here's some of her history. She started her news career in 1976 in Maryland Baltimore when she hosted a talk show chat and eventually moved on to the morning show. After working for the station … Continue reading Women’s Appreciation Month: Oprah Winfrey

Women’s Day 2018

TODAY is Women's Day and what that means is -- tis the month to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. Women, "the power to create, nurture and transform." We, women, show selfless love, care, affection, and ignite the spirit of power and hope. Women are still struggling with getting respect and equality; from sexual harassment … Continue reading Women’s Day 2018