Meek Mill is Home!

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Yesterday Philly rapper Meek Mill was released from a Philadelphia prison, after serving 5 months.

I’d be the first to say that I’m not a huge Meek fan, but I like a few of his songs but have yet to listen to a full album of his. Dreams & Nightmares is my shit tho!

A judge, who denied his request for bail, decision was overturned by the Philadelphia Supreme Court. If you haven’t been keeping up, he was sentenced to 2-4 years in prison for a probation violation, which stemmed from him being convicted of drug & gun charges back in 2008. 

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Overall, the judge had it out for Philly rapper. Reports came out that the female judge who convicted him of the 2-4 years, was trying to persuade him to sign under her friend’s record label, then wanted him to sing a Boys 2 Men song pleading for his freedom. Of course he didn’t and BOOM he’s been in jail every sense. The public has been very supportive of the injustice that’s he’s faced while this whole situation has prolonged. Celebrities from Jay-Z to T.I. to Kevin Hart have been advocates for him since the beginning and luckily they used their platforms to bring awareness of his situation, a black man being “overly” charged for unnecessary reasons.

When Meek was released, his friend Mike Rubin, who is co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, picked him up in a private helicopter and whisked him away to the 76ers playoff game against the Miami Heat, and coincidentally THEY WON! Even Kevin Hart silly ass was there with him, sitting court side. Meek was even able to ring the ceremonial Liberty Bell replica.

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Not only did the the 76ers win the playoff, but they won first round, and on top of that, it’s been 5 years since they’ve been in the playoffs, so it looks like it’ll be a great year for Philly. They already won the Superbowl and if they get even further in the playoffs and not win, it’ll still be a win for them overall. 

What was very meaningful to me was seeing Meek with his son on the court. I think it’s beautiful to see him reunited with one of his sons. 

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I’m glad that an innocent black man is free and he says he’ll be using his platform to shed light on situations like this. Social injustice is real and Meek says:

“I understand that many people of color across the country don’t have that luxury and I plan to use my platform to shine a light on those issues”


Comment below your thoughts on the whole Meek Mill situation.


“Racism Wasn’t Real”..Bishh What?

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Real Housewives of Atlanta is what I’m referring to. The reunion to RHOA came on Sunday night and FORMER Housewife Kim Zolciak was having an argument with the whole cast regarding her daughter Brielle. Kim’s daughter Brielle was at Nenes house during a party, and decided to go in her bathroom and take a few selfie videos. As she was recording, she “supposedly” stumbled across roaches in the bathroom. She then eventually uploaded the video on Instagram. So anyone who is black knows that if you tell someone that they have roaches in their house, that’s a sign of being dirty and to take it a step deeper, it’s a metaphor for racism, as Andy Cohen had stated.

Cast mate Kandi Burruss brought that point up and stated that the incident could have been taken wrong and even racist because when you think of roaches in a house, some people link it to black people and being dirty. When Kandi said that the reference could come across as being racist, KIM opened her ole inflated ass lip and said “Racism wasn’t all that  real” …I’m sorry….what ma’am??

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You heard me right!! She said that the cast was “reaching” and that  “this whole racism thing in this day & age is bullshit.” And she said it front of Sheree, who is her BLACK friend. You would have thought that Sheree  would’ve checked her “friend” on the comment. We don’t know what happened when the cameras stopped rolling, but I feel like that is something that should’ve been filmed if Sheree responded.

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First off, racism is VERY real. There are people who DON’T like Black people, STILL. There are people who don’t like Asians, Arabians, etc. So for Kim to say that, she is WRONG AS FUCK! You would think that since she’s surrounded herself with multiple black friends over the past 10 years, she would know the history of black people and not say that fucked up comment of racism “not being all that real.” Sheree needs to her “check her boo.” Maybe Kim isn’t racist and she just has racists way and a filthy way of expressing her thought about it! Maybe Kim IS racist and has been trying to hide it while being on the show with SEVERAL black women. WHO KNOWS!

Now that the reunion is over, it was announced a few weeks ago that Kim was NEVER going back on the show EVER.

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We don’t wanna see you ANYWAYS! Also, after the show, Kim was crying backstage saying that felt attacked and there was nothing good to say about her. Andy Cohen brought up a point that her whole story line hasn’t been positive (not those exact words, but a summary of it). That could be a reason why she isn’t returning. Another reason could be because of her comment and the network didn’t want any backlash from viewers, so BOOM she’s gone.

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What are your thought on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Part 3 Reunion?

Blog Challenge: Day 23: If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I would definitely..

– Pay off the student loans; $90k of it

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– I would help my family, make sure they are well off 

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– INVEST in property, Non profit organization, stock

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– Lastly, I would SAVE! I’m big on saving.

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What would you do if YOU won the lottery?? Comment below


Blog Challenge: Day 22: Worst Habits

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My worst habits…..daydreaming, losing focus and social media.

I’m currently  at work and I am clearly not working. (losing focus). I lose focus soooo bad, like if I’m telling a story and someone interupts me, I will completely forget what I was talking about.

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Social media, I feel, is everyone’s weakness. I’m getting better but I feel like I shouldn’t have to consume my down time with social media. 

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I pop my knuckles and I don’t think that’s a good thing lol

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My habits aren’t the worse but they could be better lol. What are yours? Comment them below!!

Blog Challenge: Day 21

What makes me sad…

Death. It makes me sad knowing that I won’t be on this earth forever and what the transition would be like and what Life is like after death. Will I be floating around looking over my loved ones? Will I be born again and coming out of a different vagina and living a different life as a new person? So many questions lol, but overall, death is what makes me sad.

Fear of not having children. It makes me sad thinking that I may leave this world without having children. I want to leave my mark in the world, besides my accomplished work, a child would make me happy. My little sister is the closest thing i have to a kid and even if I don’ t have a kid, I have her. BUT i want like 3-4 kids and the way that women are having fertility issues in this day in age, scares me! Like what is in the water? That scares me and makes me sad.

Not being successful makes me sad sometimes. The thought of failing is sad to me, but I guess it’s the key to success.

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Blog Challenge: Day 20: What Makes Me Happy

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What makes me happy:

  • Listening to good music

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  • A sense of accomplishment

  • My family and friends, more specifically…………..

  • My baby sister, she’s 1 and absolutely adorbs!


  • Comedy

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  • Dancing

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  • Sappy engagement videos, delivery videos and surprise army visits. (it actually makes me cry, but happy tears)

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  • FOOD!!!

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What makes you happy??