Meek Mill is Home!

featured image: Yesterday Philly rapper Meek Mill was released from a Philadelphia prison, after serving 5 months. I'd be the first to say that I'm not a huge Meek fan, but I like a few of his songs but have yet to listen to a full album of his. Dreams & Nightmares is my … Continue reading Meek Mill is Home!


“Racism Wasn’t Real”..Bishh What?

featured image: Real Housewives of Atlanta is what I'm referring to. The reunion to RHOA came on Sunday night and FORMER Housewife Kim Zolciak was having an argument with the whole cast regarding her daughter Brielle. Kim's daughter Brielle was at Nenes house during a party, and decided to go in her bathroom and … Continue reading “Racism Wasn’t Real”..Bishh What?

Blog Challenge: Day 23: If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery, I would definitely.. - Pay off the student loans; $90k of it   - I would help my family, make sure they are well off    - INVEST in property, Non profit organization, stock - Lastly, I would SAVE! I'm big on saving.   What would you do if YOU … Continue reading Blog Challenge: Day 23: If I Won The Lottery

Blog Challenge: Day 22: Worst Habits

My worst habits.....daydreaming, losing focus and social media. I'm currently  at work and I am clearly not working. (losing focus). I lose focus soooo bad, like if I'm telling a story and someone interupts me, I will completely forget what I was talking about.   Social media, I feel, is everyone's weakness. I'm getting better … Continue reading Blog Challenge: Day 22: Worst Habits

Blog Challenge: Day 20: What Makes Me Happy

What makes me happy: Listening to good music A sense of accomplishment My family and friends, more specifically.............. My baby sister, she's 1 and absolutely adorbs!   Comedy Dancing Sappy engagement videos, delivery videos and surprise army visits. (it actually makes me cry, but happy tears) FOOD!!! What makes you happy??