Is Bruce Jenner a hero?


Bruce Jenner recently did a two hour interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, talking about his life battling image issues and wanting to become female. Just a little preview on Bruce Jenner, he is a winner of the summer Olympics back in 1976. He married Kris, former Kardashian, in 1991. She is the ex husband of Robert  Kardashian, who was the lawyer of  O.J Simpson in 1978. Just a little history lesson. ANY WHO Bruce opens up saying he hasn’t felt comfortable in his own skin for years, he even started taking hormone pills in the 80’s; mind you, he had already been married once, had two children from his first marriage, and had two more children from his marriage at the time, until him and his second wife had separated sometime in the 80’s. He didn’t want to transition into a woman at the time because he didn’t want to let his children down. So while being uncomfortable as a man, he went on with his life that would be acceptable to society, and married Kris, and having two more children with her. At some  point in time, he got tired of living a life and had to be honest with himself, along with his close love ones.

In this year 2015 being a lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender is common. Of course some people don’t accept those individuals and even bully and commit hate crimes against them all because it isn’t “socially acceptable” or the “American Way”. Some gays, bi-sexuals, lesbians, and transgenders even hate  themselves for being the way they are so much, that they commit suicide. Some people in that community take a while, maybe even years to open up to their parents about their lifestyles. Bruce Jenner is one of them.

Bruce Jenner is being called a hero because he opened up about wanting to become a transgender person. He showed that it is okay to want to be transgender, and even at an age of 65, you can that. Some men and females are struggling with themselves and wanting to become the opposite sex an some wanting to kill themselves for wanting that. Bruce Jenner IS a hero for showing that, even a well known celebrity like himself has had identity issues and it’s okay  to want to change your gender because he is going to do it. You can check out the interview below. Feel free to comment your thought and opinions 🙂

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