Thrift Store Findings!

  The best way to find old vintage clothes….is the Thrift Store, also known as The Goodwill. You can find a piece of clothing and make it into a cute vintage look or even a current fashion trend. Below is me and my friend Randyy. She’s rocking a green off the shoulder crop top with […]

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Why Do We Wear The African Head Wrap?

Many black women wear the head wraps that get in touch with their ancestry and African Roots. Some just wear it for the fashion and when they don’t feel like doing their hair—I’m guilty of that!!! SO here’s some history: It originated in  Sub-Saharan Africa, which is South Africa. The white race imposed the wearing of wraps as […]

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Boxycharm Arrival

So finally my month subscription arrived! I’ve been with Boxycharm going a little over 9 month now. Every time I receive it in the mail I always get excited. There is always about 4-5 full size product (some times more like this month), some are every high end and other you can get from a…

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