Back to L.A: Birthday Trip

So my birthday was Sunday (August 5th) and it was GREAT!! I went back to LA. If you can remember, last April I made a post about going to Cali –>   I’m Going Back to Cali!

I switched up my itinerary this time and kind of went with the flow of things. I can honestly say this trip was better! So let me tell you how it started:


Flight was at 5:50am Friday morning…BUT IT WAS CANCELED. WTF RIGHT! It literally was canceled 2 hours before take off so I had to change my flight. Luckily I did it  just in time because I was one of the last people to board the plane.

I had a layover in Las Vegas, which was cool because I had never been there  and I was able to play the slot machines in the airport. BUT  my flight there was delayed by almost an hour BUT I still kept a positive attitude because it was my birthday weekend.


I FINALLY  got to LA and met up with my friends and what was the first thing we did? SHOTS!!! (Of Fireball of course) then VENICE BEACH!!

Of course we had to experience the nightlife, sooooo we stepped out and I HAD to show out! 38C5A59A-C2AB-44D1-BFB4-CA941D7A26A2BE523F23-2370-49EC-904C-27691EA7B725


Next day, we decided to go to The actual Fashion Nova store at the Burbank mall. Not impressed at all.  Of course there are a few of the actual stores in LA but the one we went to looked very cheap, needless to say. I did find a cute dress there tho 🤷🏽‍♀️

We walked around  a bit in Hollywood,  saw the Hollywood star of fame. We even seen Trump’s star or lack there of since it’s been destroyed.

We got a good recommendation from our Uber for a place to eat called Beauty & Essex. Talk about GOOD FOOD!!

The plan that night was to go out again but uhhhhhh, we tapped  out and was K-O. Embarrassing right lol?

BUT we made up for it the next day lol.


The day of my BIRTHDAY!!

We started off the day hiking at Griffith Park and it was amazing!! VERY high up but we could see the beautiful city!


Then off to Santa Monica beach, which wasn’t too impressive. Too many people and dirty water 😟👎🏾 But we still enjoyed the sand and light sun.

Last but not least, I had to be a little extra for my birthday for the last night and uhhh…. yeah..


Overall, I loved this trip this time around. All my peoples vibed with each other, and we already talking about a trip next year!

Where have y’all traveled to this year so far?

Comment below and let me know!!

Danii Gold out ✌🏾

When in Doubt, Travel It Out: Cabo Edition

I just got back from my trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and let me tell you…I needed it! Between going to work, being in school and working an internship, I never have time to focus on me.

I was gone from Friday until Monday night (yesterday) and I didn’t even think about work or school. It’s like it never existed lol. I think this is part of that self care that everyone is talking about; take care of you!

Even though I didn’t sleep much and relax long, I had fun just kicking it; drinking, eating, and exploring, just living my best life!

I realized that taking vacations, short or long, far or close, are sometimes needed just to take your mind off of the stresses in your life and not being in close proximity of them. Sometimes taking a vacation can mean just sleeping your day away, stuffing your face and getting drunk and going back to sleep. Yes, you can do that at home BUUUUUT sometimes you don’t want to be in city limits of what you’re trying to temporarily get away from.

I’m already planning my next trip and it’ll simply be a celebration for me graduating and of course A TURN UP. But a short synopsis of my Cabo trip:

  • I went with a group of 50 or more people.
  • No special occasion, just a quick, semi-cheap trip to take
  • Day 1: meet & greet (it was about 60 of us) anddd a lot of drinking lol.
  • Day 2: ATV riding and Cabo nightlife. The Cabo club definitely love St.Louis folks!!



  • Day 3: Regrouping from the nightlife  lol and Boat Party And Chill day, OH and we saw a whale!!


  • Day 4: Leaving Cabo, blahhhhhhhhhhh!

I enjoyed myself but I would’ve loved to site see Cabo San Lucas a lil more but overall, it was a fun trip. Shout out to our travel agent Miki Jones—AMJ Getaways , for putting together a lit trip!

Check out some more pics from the trip below!!




Travel Alone, Its Okay!

“You traveling alone?”

“Are you meeting some man online down there or something??”

“You didn’t take no man with you for that long drive?”

“12 hours is a long time by yourself!”

These are all the comments and questions I got asked when I decided to drive to Dallas & Houston from St. Louis a couple months ago.

MY ANSWER: The show don’t stop for nobody.


Secondly: Why a man gotta go with me to travel outside the state?? 😒😒 sexist AF!

Thirdly : never will I go meet a guy I met online, in another state.

YES, I drove down to Houston by myself. Nobody rode with me and guess what???? I enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to do things solo and get ‘er done without folks. Yes, of course I asked my friends but they had other plans or couldn’t afford or couldn’t get the time off work or they probably  didn’t wanna go with me 🤷🏽‍♀️

I don’t have a twin, I came in this world solo so guess what?? I gotta do shit solo. This was, in a sense, a spiritual journey.

Now…there are some stipulations to traveling alone. Yes you can go by yourself but make sure:

•wherever you’re going, you know someone in that city/town.

•Also get you some rest.

•Gas up during the day

•Get a bunch of snacks..(if you love to eat like me)

Image result for black girl eating gif ( credit)

•Have some kind of weapon in your doesn’t have to be a gun. Something as simple as a bat, knife, or even a taser would do.

In my case, I was lucky. I drove to Springfield, Mo (my Alma Mater, GO BEARS), stayed with my little cousin for the night and then drove from there to Dallas the next morning, where I have a cousin who stays in Garland, Texas. I bonded with her then the next morning I was on to the next city: Houston. There, I have a slew of family so there was never a dull moment.

So my point is this: if you wanna travel to a city where you know people at, but you don’t have anyone to go with you…just go alone. People be all talk and no action, so why wait on them? I can honestly say I learned my lesson BUT…there I did take trip the last weekend of July to MIAMIIII with some lovely ladies. We had fun!!




That’s another traveling tip I want to give out: travel with dependable people and know what you’re travelers are willing to spend when you all go out. Not saying you gotta be balling but know what you wanna do before you go on that vacay, that way you’ll know how much money to bring.

At the end of the year, I’ll do a year review of where all I’ve traveled to this year.

Long story short: Travel alone, even if it’s alone, and make sure you plan accordingly.

Toodles ✌🏾 ✌🏾 ✌🏾



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I’m Going Back to Cali!

“Visiting a difference place, even for a limited time, deeply affects yours soul and way of thinking.” –Kyra Kyles; Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine

I recently read a short article in Ebony magazine about traveling as I was on a plane heading back home from Los Angeles. How ironic right. I feel like it was a sign to me, and that was KEEP TRAVELING. Everyone needs a break from the realities of home such as work, school, kids, husband, etc.

It has been my dream since I was young to travel to Los Angeles; mainly because I always liked the entertainment industry and L.A is one of the top places for it, plus fashion and of course…the beaches!

Day 1 in Cali, I did the tourist-y things, like visit the Santa Monica Pier, which was okay, but it felt great being on a beach again since the last time was my cruise.

Next day was the Grammy Museum, which was nice to see the different types of music that had won awards. Then that night we (me, my cousin, aunt and friend) went to VENICE BEACH which was crazy fun!! The sunset was AMAZING and made being on a beach is so relaxing.


Day 3 of Cali was visiting the museums like the Madame Tussands Wax Museum, The Hollywood Museum (no photos allowed) and Warner Brother Studio


Anyone who is a Pretty Little Liars fan….I was in ROSEWOOD. Talk about excited!!! I even saw Allison’s house!


Day 4 was Universal Studios. Majority of the rides were 3D and were based upon movies I had never seen before like: Harry Potter, The Mummy and Jurassic Park–(don’t judge me y’all lol. I don’t know why I never seen them). What I did enjoy was walking through the walking dead attraction. For me it was exciting and funny but not so much for my people that were with me.



Overall, I loved my Cali trip. I feel like I didn’t do as much because it seem like there is so much to see. On the list for my next Cali trip:

  • Clubbing
  • shopping
  • hiking
  • spotting a celebrity


LOL I’m out y’all. I hope you enjoy the pics!!!

And remember: TRAVEL, get outside your comfort zone!!



*Images taken on my camera: ImagesByBri*

Traveling Along the Caribbean Sea

So a couple of weeks ago (August 20-27) I took a cruise along the Caribbean Sea and it was AMAZING. I went with a few family members and one of my best friends. It was a great experience to be outside of the country and able to view different parts of the world and mother nature’s creation.

While In Jamaica, we got off of our ship and took a tour around the town of Montego Bay and even though it wasn’t the best part of town, the culture was different from what I’ve seen. So on the bus, we pull up to one of our stops and a guy knocks on my window, and asks if I want to buy some tree (weed) and he holds it in his hand showing it to me.  I mean I’ve had people offer me weed but just blatantly showing it to me in public was bold and hilarious! From what the tourist told me, the people in Jamaica can walk around  with up to 2 oz of weed on them. Now selling it, I’m not sure but several residents there didn’t hesitate on trying to sell us some lol. So any who, me and my best friend went to the beach and they were selling food…at the beach…under a tent…like it was a family reunion. AND had a DJ. It pretty much looked like a family reunion at a beach. Music playing, the scent of “mari-ja-wana” in the air and people dancing of course. It felt very welcoming. The water wasn’t as blue, it was more of a dirty color but overall, I liked it and it was my second favorite trip while on the cruise out of the three. Everything was “irie” meaning “alright” or “cool”. (Jamaica pics below):



The second trip was Grand Cayman, Cayman Island. This was probably  the least fun. Luckily me and my friend signed up for the snorkeling excursion. FYI, I CAN’T SWIM, and I survived, YAYYY!!! But the water was gorgeous and while snorkeling, trying not to panic and die, I saw quite a few fishes. From the Dory fish to the normal fish. This was probably the most fun, yet nervous part of the trip. I’m glad that I experienced it, even though I can’t swim and was freaking out 60% of the time.  Check out the pics (unfortunately I didn’t get any snorkeling pics).




Last trip of the cruise, but not the least, certainly the best was MEXICOOOOO!! I really liked it. We arrived in Cozumel (Puerto Mayo). Me and best friend walked down the strip that had a bunch of stores on it, then took a cab to a beach that was is Punta Norte and I’m guessing the beach was called Club Cozumel Caribe. I tried snorkeling again, which wasn’t as nerve wrecking and saw more pretty fish. The water was of course amazing!! Let’s talk about the people!! SO after we left the beach, we took a cab back to the strip and did a little shopping, FREAKIN TEQUILA…EVERYWHERE. We went into a flea market, a SHOT. Next shop, ANOTHER SHOT, with coke. Third shop, A SHOT. Now I know they were bribing us with shots to bring us in the stores but it didn’t work! We’ll take our shot and then be on our way lol!! More places offered us shots but we declined because we knew that we would have to spend more time in another store and we didn’t have time. (Mexico pics below):




Overall, I would travel to Jamaica and Mexico again. Cayman Islands, I could do without. I recommend traveling outside the county to ANYONE.


When I said I couldn’t swim, I also meant that I couldn’t go under water as well (childhood experience). But as you can see, my best friend taught me to go under water.

For me, this trip was about stepping outside of my comfort zone, from traveling outside the country, to going fully under water, and even snorkeling!  Why not explore outside of your comfort zone?  Live a little 🙂