New Season Premieres This Week

  I'm sooooo excited about this week's shows coming back. Let me break it down for ya.... Tuesday (TODAY) --This Is Us comes back on tonight at 8pm on NBC, Channel 5 for my St. Louis folks. The last thing we remembered was Kate saying she was responsible for her dad's (Jack) death.   Wednesday--EMPIRE... Continue Reading →


Happy Birthday Taraji

Happy 47th birthday to one of my favorite actresses Ms. Taraji P Henson! My favorite movies starring her are Baby Boy of course, Think Like A Man and Hidden Figures. She slays in this picture baby!! Black don't crack hunny! Photo credit: Taraji P Henson Instagram page

The Rxnaways Interview!

I was granted the opportunity to interview two cousins, who formed a music group inspired by eliminating negativity and doing what they want to do---! (Single "Do What I Wanna Do). They call themselves Rxnaways, individually known as B-Wxnda and DoDi. They've traveled to places like Atlanta and California to promote their music and they... Continue Reading →

Travel Alone, Its Okay!

"You traveling alone?" "Are you meeting some man online down there or something??" "You didn't take no man with you for that long drive?" "12 hours is a long time by yourself!" These are all the comments and questions I got asked when I decided to drive to Dallas & Houston from St. Louis a... Continue Reading →

Black Women That Rock 2017

  So I caught the Black Girls Rock special last night and I was so proud! Seeing women that look like me achieve a rare accomplishment, especially from where we started. Their motto is "Celebrating beauty, brilliant and resilience of black women around the world." My celeb bae, SZA, started the show out singing Normal... Continue Reading →

Thrift Store Findings!

  The best way to find old vintage the Thrift Store, also known as The Goodwill. You can find a piece of clothing and make it into a cute vintage look or even a current fashion trend. Below is me and my friend Randyy. She's rocking a green off the shoulder crop top with... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness

Before this month ends...which is TODAY, I want to bring awareness to Mental health illnesses.  So just in case you didn't know, a few mental health illnesses are:  anxiety, dementia, a few types of depression, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress, schizophrenia,  and bipolar. As a black woman, I grew up never hearing... Continue Reading →

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