Thrift Store Findings!

  The best way to find old vintage the Thrift Store, also known as The Goodwill. You can find a piece of clothing and make it into a cute vintage look or even a current fashion trend. Below is me and my friend Randyy. She's rocking a green off the shoulder crop top with... Continue Reading →

Mental Health Awareness

Before this month ends...which is TODAY, I want to bring awareness to Mental health illnesses.  So just in case you didn't know, a few mental health illnesses are:  anxiety, dementia, a few types of depression, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), post traumatic stress, schizophrenia,  and bipolar. As a black woman, I grew up never hearing... Continue Reading →

I’m Going Back to Cali!

"Visiting a difference place, even for a limited time, deeply affects yours soul and way of thinking." --Kyra Kyles; Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine I recently read a short article in Ebony magazine about traveling as I was on a plane heading back home from Los Angeles. How ironic right. I feel like it was a... Continue Reading →

Exclusive Mizz Mona’ Interview!

She had a dream and she went for it and made it a reality. Mizz Mona' is a 23-year-old radio personality, who likes interviewing everyday heroes such as business owners, artists, authors, lawyers, doctors, etc who make a difference. She is a St. Louis native who believes that her city needs a change and her... Continue Reading →

Why Do We Wear The African Head Wrap?

Many black women wear the head wraps that get in touch with their ancestry and African Roots. Some just wear it for the fashion and when they don't feel like doing their hair---I'm guilty of that!!! SO here's some history: It originated in  Sub-Saharan Africa, which is South Africa. The white race imposed the wearing of wraps as... Continue Reading →

What 2016 has Taught Me

2016 has been up and down for me. It's  been filled with emotions and me slowly but finding myself. As the year was reaching it's end, nothing but good things have happened to me. I started out 2016 in a relationship and I'm ending it single, which is fine. That was my first serious relationship... Continue Reading →

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