You Tried Me…Let That Be the Last Time

He tried you, you let him, let it be the last time. Has he ever called you unattractive then wanted to be in your face because you look good THAT day? Did he say he wasn't looking for a relationship but you find out he's in one, not even a month later? Did he say... Continue Reading →


What 2016 has Taught Me

2016 has been up and down for me. It's  been filled with emotions and me slowly but finding myself. As the year was reaching it's end, nothing but good things have happened to me. I started out 2016 in a relationship and I'm ending it single, which is fine. That was my first serious relationship... Continue Reading →

Do Opposites Attract?

There is a saying that goes "opposites attract" but sometimes in the long run it doesn't always work out. If you are opposite of someone then you two have different views and that may be (but not limited too): growing up an only child versus with siblings, growing up with both parents versus a single parent and... Continue Reading →

The Simple Things, Like School Supplies

It's the simple things in life that make you appreciate being a kid again. From watching cartoons while eating Froot Loops cereal, to playing UNO, and even buying school supplies makes you reminisce Yesterday, I went into Walmart to do some grocery shopping and I came across the school supply section. Now just a brief... Continue Reading →

Obsessed With Complexion

What do artists like Mya, Faith Evans, Eve, Mariah Carey and Beyonce all have in common? Yes they are all women and yes they all can sing, but there is something else-------they're all light skin. When I was growing up in the late 90's, early 2000's, these women were extremely popular and in my mind... Continue Reading →

New Year, Why Wait Now?

So it's a new year and people are always making New Year Resolutions and never fall through with it, only because they hold off on it, or say they are going to start the next month and next month and so on. Some  resolutions people make: " I'm going to start eating healthier starting next year."... Continue Reading →

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