The Booty Ain’t All That

I’m a girl with a big booty and to be honest, having a booty isn’t all that. Growing up, I was lanky; skinny, small waist, with a booty that was slowly but surely growing, and by the time I was 12, I had a lil donk. Then time progressed and i was Big Booty Bri.... Continue Reading →


Numb to Disappointment

How to feel when you can’t feel anymore. When you’re suppose to feel emotion but you can’t express it. When you’re suppose to cry but your eyes and mind won’t let you release those tears. When you’re suppose to yell but your mouth won’t open. When the disappointment is just...a numb feeling. When You don’t care... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Even though some don’t consider today a holiday, still be thankful that you have your family around and  people put their best effort when cooking meals today lol.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING

What 2016 has Taught Me

2016 has been up and down for me. It's  been filled with emotions and me slowly but finding myself. As the year was reaching it's end, nothing but good things have happened to me. I started out 2016 in a relationship and I'm ending it single, which is fine. That was my first serious relationship... Continue Reading →

Do Opposites Attract?

There is a saying that goes "opposites attract" but sometimes in the long run it doesn't always work out. If you are opposite of someone then you two have different views and that may be (but not limited too): growing up an only child versus with siblings, growing up with both parents versus a single parent and... Continue Reading →

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