Fact 7: George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver, born in Diamond, Missouri, was born into a family that was owned by white people; his parents and siblings. As a baby, only a week old, him, his sister and mother were kidnapped by raiders from Arkansas. He was the only one of his family to be found by his owners. His owners taught him and his brother to read and write. He graduated high school in Minneapolis, Kansas and went to study music and art at Simpson College in Iowa. A teacher suggested that he should enroll in a botany program at Iowa State Agricultural College, when finding out he was good at drawing botanical samples and the natural world process.

Carver was the first black student at Iowa State College and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree. He went on to earn in Master’s Degree, studying plant pathology. The well-known educator Booker T Washington, hired Carver at The Tuskegee Institute to run the agricultural department. While at the Institute, he researched Biology plants and did some experimenting, creating peanuts, pecans,sweet potatoes, and soy beans. He EVEN invented a special kind of gasoline, plastic, paints, dyes and many more.

Carver was recognized by the president of the U.S at the time, which was Theodore Roosevelt and recognized internationally. He was even made a member of the British Royal Society of Arts.

For a black man to create all those inventions during the period of a time is an achievement he got every recognition that he deserved.

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Featured Image Credit: brittannica.com

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