You Tried Me…Let That Be the Last Time

He tried you, you let him, let it be the last time.

Has he ever called you unattractive then wanted to be in your face because you look good THAT day?

Did he say he wasn’t looking for a relationship but you find out he’s in one, not even a month later?

Did he say you’re not the one for him but yet he couldn’t leave you alone?

Did he say he was only looking for a friendship but still wanted to fuck?

Did he call you a bad mother and say you don’t do anything for y’all kids…but you keep them 5 days out the week compared to his 2 measly days?

Did he call you fat in front of his friends but slide in your DMs later?

Girl…he tried you, you fell for the okey doke and shook that shit off….let that be the last time you shake it off. These men, boys, niggas, whatever you wanna call em, be trying us and we let them sometimes because we like them (at the time). Maybe we let them because we have low self-esteem and will settle for what we can, naw FUCK THAT! When you have low standards and low expectations, you get a low budget nigga. You can do better…so do better.


Let that be the last time he tries you, Queen.



featured image credit:

Person: Tamar Braxton

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