The Booty Ain’t All That

I’m a girl with a big booty and to be honest, having a booty isn’t all that. Growing up, I was lanky; skinny, small waist, with a booty that was slowly but surely growing, and by the time I was 12, I had a lil donk. Then time progressed and i was Big Booty Bri. I was getting looks from older guys at a young age and honestly it was uncomfortable especially between the ages of 12-18 ish, hell even 19-20. 🙄 During my high school days, i didn’t too much care because…well, there wasn’t that many blacks people at my school 🤷🏽‍♀️ But outside of school, i got the stares. I got to college and it wasn’t that bad but, overall i was tired of people making a deal of how big it was and to me, it wasn’t that big. I’d seen bigger booties than mine and honestly, ITS JUST A BOOTY.

Speaking from experience, here’s what comes with having a big ole booty:

  • Uncomfortable stares from guys, instead of them just speaking.
  • Hearing guys say “damnnnn” and you see them out your peripheral stairing from behind and then saying “how you doing? You hella sexy” 🙄😒  (I hate when guys i don’t know call me sexy, for some reason)
  • From a clothes aspect, you have to buy pants a size bigger, especially if you have a smaller waist, and the top of your pants stick out 🙄
  • You gotta buy longer shorts because “shawty got a big oleeeee booty” and the bottom of your cheeks will show if you’re not careful.

-Oh, and my major dislike, a guy just wanting to talk to you..because you have a big ass..(no morals)

The whole topic came to mind when I watched Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have it Netflix series about a week ago.  (I haven’t seen the original movie. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Please don’t  nag at me lol) BUT…if you don’t know, It’s about a young woman named Nola Darling, who is an artist and is dating and having sex with three different guys BUT she isn’t in a relationship with any of them and she keeps it real them about their status with her.

Nola has a best friend name Shemekka and she is self conscious about her lack of…booty. She works at a “dancer’s club” –not quite stripping, they just do sexy routines and get money thrown at em. Well Shemekka is the bartender at the club and she wants to dance but all the women have ass and she doesn’t.

She decides to get “ass shots” and she is happy with herself, but during the process ..she screamedddd!! Once she got the booty she wanted, she decided to put it to use and dance at the club she was a bartender at. Long story short, her booty..popped. She fell on it and SPLACK! She went through all that and honestly it wasn’t worth it.

When i was younger, i wanted boobies and i ended up with a booty 🤷🏽‍♀️ And as i stopped tripping off have boobs, they sprouted out some lol.

Moral of the story is, Be Happy with what you have,  because every pro has its cons. Every perk has its  downside.  K.Michelle just recently did an interview with Hot 97 and  confirmed that she was taking her butt implants out in January.  If she, and entertainer, is removing the baggage off her butt, then you know it’s real.  Some things are cranked up to what they seem to be.

Again, be happy with what you have, unless it’s it’s weave lol, we all need some weave every now and then 😬


Danii Gold out ✌🏾  ✌🏾

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