Blogging Challenge: Day 13

My favorite animal(s) would have to be a Lion. I hate cats tho so it sounds odd, but I don’t know if it has something to do with my zodiac sign, me being a Leo and the sign for that is a Lion. The Lion shows a sign of confidence to me and a sense of “I’m nice, but DON’T fuck with me or my family” kind of demeanor. 

Image result for lions

I do love The Lion King movie soooooooo maybe that’s another reason why LOL.

Image result for THE LION KING

I also love cute dogs, like a Yorkie or American Eskimo.

Image result for yorkie dog



Image result for american eskimo dog



What are your favorite animals???

Comment them below!!

**make sure you check out Day 12 Challenge of 5 Countries I would love to visit! Also, my Favorite Foods! **

Danii Gold out!!


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