5 Things “The Rona” Should Be Teaching You

This Coronavirus is serious AF! People are DYING and have lost their jobs. Small businesses are suffering, the stock marker is down and people are losing money. While dealing with this virus, there are a few things that it should be teaching you.

1. Take your health and hygiene serious

It sounds simple but you have people who don’t wash their hands all the time and don’t cover their mouth when they cough. Gross. If you take care of yourself, as simple as exercising, taking a walk and taking vitamins, that’s a start to good health. For the people who already have weak immune systems and breathing issues, I’m sorry. Sometimes doing all the right things won’t help but at least you you’re trying.


2. Always Keep A Hobby

For the people who’ve lost their job, I’m sorry. Picking up a hobby can always make the time go by fast. If you’ve always had a hobby, GOOD! If not, something as simple as reading books is a good hobby, sewing (especially masks; you can make money off it these days), even cooking.


3. Keep A Side Hustle Going

It’s always good to have a plan b…and c. With people losing their jobs, it’s always good to have a second income.


4. Always Save Money

As I stated before, people have lost their jobs and that is very unfortunate especially if you’re supporting a family. If anything, always keep some money saved, whether it’s in a savings account, in a piggy bank under your bed, WHATEVER! Keep some change for a rainy day, or a rainy week OR a rainy month…or two.


5. Keep the essentials in your home

Now y’all KNOW how hard it is to buy Lysol, tissue, paper towels and hand sanitizer these days. You have to get to the store early in the morning to get those needs, if not you’re S.O.L. Besides those needs, you should make sure you have a case of water, bread, milk, meats, laundry detergent. You should have those needs when it’s a tornado or snow storm any how.

Being quarantined has been an eye opener for me and I’m sure other people. Mothers and fathers who have to work from home and also teach their children too one of the MVPs of all this, next to nurses and doctors of course. I’m sure families are either getting tired or each other or growing closer during these times. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to happen for the world to change their mindset and ways.

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What have you been doing while quarantined? Comment below and let me know.

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