2018: The Year of Black Women Supporting Each Other


As this year comes to an end, I’d like to bring up the fact that….there has been a lot of support in the black community, specifically with the women. I’ve seen sooooooooo many Black Women supporting each other in group pages. I  was added in The Broke Black Girl group on Facebook earlier this year and it consists of sisters supporting each other with advice about finances, life, accomplishments, YOU NAME IT!

Since I’m a blogger, I was added to a group titled Black Women Who Blog shortly after that which is self explanatory. I’ve seen St. Louis millennials (my age group) take their brand to the next level and its inspired me to get my life together even more. I use to see these same people at networking events and parties and now I’m seeing them put together their own events.

To me, I’ve known and seen St. Louis to be a hating city but after having different experiences with different groups, I believe it varies by career/profession. As far as bloggers/event planners/influencer goes, that community supports each other. I have not experienced an ounce of hating when it comes to my expertise. But after speaking to local artists and Djs, they agree that St. Louis can be a bit on the “not supportive” side when it comes to music and upcoming. I will be the first to admit that when I go out to certain clubs/lounges/etc. they tend to play the same music and those artist are typically not from St. Louis. I did meet a local Dj by the name of Dj CU (shout out to CU) who says he Djs at a couple venues on the weekend and he plays local artist music. I also was a guest on his show titled New Heat 365 and he purposely features upcoming artists on his show just to give them a new platform and some artists aren’t from St. Louis. I like that he uses his platform to help artists, from St. Louis and wherever else. Everyone needs to have that same level of support especially if they have a brand themselves they want to promote. I know a local artist (shout out to B-Wxnda) who I’ve interviews a few times, who says that he went down to Atlanta and was at a club and he just so happened to rub elbows with a promoter and he asked him if the DJ would play his song and the DJ did. Just like that, SUPPORT. The support in other cities, when it comes to music, is better than my hometown, St. Louis.

I believe the level of support depends on the profession. As far as my profession goes, I feel that I get a certain level of supportive, from liking my posts on Instagram to sharing my posts that I post on Facebook, to simply saying hi to me when out in public. I do the same ALL THE TIME just because a click of the share button goes a long way and if I approve of someones brand or know someone who can benefit from it, I will support it/share a post. One key to making yourself known to to other entrepreneurs and showing that you know who they are is speaking up when you see them. Introduce yourself and speak on something you saw on their page or something dealing with their brand. I can be shy and and introvert at times, which is off because with my profession, I NEED to be able to be outgoing lol. BUT I’ve found myself doing it more.

All in all, I love the support that women have been giving each other. Even the men come out to support us. I believe that 2019 will be the year that black men will support each other more than what they normally do. I’m speaking it into existence! As far as us women go, I KNOW that we will come harder in 2019.

Comment your thoughts below.

Danii Gold out!