Thrift Store Findings!


The best way to find old vintage clothes….is the Thrift Store, also known as The Goodwill. You can find a piece of clothing and make it into a cute vintage look or even a current fashion trend.

Below is me and my friend Randyy. She’s rocking a green off the shoulder crop top with a Hawaiian skort. Guess what??? Our bottoms were only $3.50




Next up is SKORTS!!!! Me and Randz (Randyy) are bringing them back. In the pic below, I’m rocking a striped Tommy Hilfiger Shirt ($3.50), and a regular blue jean  skort  ($3.50). Randy has on the same outfit as above and her skort was $3.50.



Next up: I’m rocking a blue jean button up with a khaki Nancy Drew type skirt. Again, it was $3.50. The Goodwill always has set prices on their tops, dresses and bottoms. Skirts  are always $3.50, just an FYI.



Look at my best friend slaying this oversized dress; off her shoulder and making it look soooo classy. Another good buy for only $3.50!!



Another classy, edgy look Randyy is rocking below is a red tribal skirt; another great grab at the Goodwill for $4.50.




LASTLY,  I’m rocking a cute striped skirt. It reminds me of a cute homemaker skirt, like the one the killer nanny had on in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle lol. AND it has pockets! Who doesn’t love a skirt with pockets??



Well that concludes this round of Thrift Store findings. I hope this has motivated you to start saving and start thrifting. You can still go to your local mall but you won’t have to spend as much!!