I’m Going Back to Cali!

“Visiting a difference place, even for a limited time, deeply affects yours soul and way of thinking.” –Kyra Kyles; Editor-in-Chief of Ebony Magazine

I recently read a short article in Ebony magazine about traveling as I was on a plane heading back home from Los Angeles. How ironic right. I feel like it was a sign to me, and that was KEEP TRAVELING. Everyone needs a break from the realities of home such as work, school, kids, husband, etc.

It has been my dream since I was young to travel to Los Angeles; mainly because I always liked the entertainment industry and L.A is one of the top places for it, plus fashion and of course…the beaches!

Day 1 in Cali, I did the tourist-y things, like visit the Santa Monica Pier, which was okay, but it felt great being on a beach again since the last time was my cruise.

Next day was the Grammy Museum, which was nice to see the different types of music that had won awards. Then that night we (me, my cousin, aunt and friend) went to VENICE BEACH which was crazy fun!! The sunset was AMAZING and made being on a beach is so relaxing.


Day 3 of Cali was visiting the museums like the Madame Tussands Wax Museum, The Hollywood Museum (no photos allowed) and Warner Brother Studio


Anyone who is a Pretty Little Liars fan….I was in ROSEWOOD. Talk about excited!!! I even saw Allison’s house!


Day 4 was Universal Studios. Majority of the rides were 3D and were based upon movies I had never seen before like: Harry Potter, The Mummy and Jurassic Park–(don’t judge me y’all lol. I don’t know why I never seen them). What I did enjoy was walking through the walking dead attraction. For me it was exciting and funny but not so much for my people that were with me.



Overall, I loved my Cali trip. I feel like I didn’t do as much because it seem like there is so much to see. On the list for my next Cali trip:

  • Clubbing
  • shopping
  • hiking
  • spotting a celebrity


LOL I’m out y’all. I hope you enjoy the pics!!!

And remember: TRAVEL, get outside your comfort zone!!



*Images taken on my camera: ImagesByBri*