Empire Season Finale

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! That Empire Season Finale last night was a must-see. The show started off with Jamal being nominated for an American Sound Award for his R & B sound “Heavy”, which is like  a comparison to the Billboard Awards.  Alicia Keys was in the previous episode playing a singer name Skye Summers; her and Jamal had a little connection and a even small kissing scene. In last night’s show Jamal and Skye performed a song at a nominee party and rocked it. Charlamagne Tha God made an appearance on the show, at the nominee party throwing shade as usual. He called out Skye for being mixed and not really being black. He even called out Jamal for being gay and saying that fans would be confused about his gender preference. Y’all know how Charlamagne can get.

empire-209-jamal-sky-kiss- onyxreel kiss

Moving along, Jamal is on fire at this point, he stars in a Pepsi Commercial which is aired on the show and he gets two more ASA nominations such as: Video of the Year for “Heavy” and Video of the Year with his brother Hakeem for the video “Ain’t About the Money.” AND one more nomination for Song of the Year for “Power” and his dad Luscious was along side in the category as well for his song “Boom Boom Boom.”

 Video credit: Youtube.com

Meanwhile, Luscious business partner Meme White tells everyone that Camilla, Hakeem’s old flame, is her wife. JUICY RIGHT??? Anywho, Luscious, Meme and the Board of Trustees have a meeting and Meme blasts Luscious by showing a video of him talking bad about the members of the board, saying he would get rid of them if they vote against him, well since Empire is now public, Meme calls for a meeting to vote to remove Luscious as CEO of Empire.

In the midst of all that, Camilla pays Hakeem a visit, even though the cameras didn’t show it, but the audience is pretty sure that she tries to persuade Hakeem to vote against his dad–SCANDALOUS.

While all of that is going on, Cookie goes to the prison where she spent 17 years at, and holds a concert there, bringing along Hakeem an his new singer girlfriend Laura. After the performance, Cookie tells Hakeem about the marriage between Camilla and Meme and of course he didn’t know.

At the meeting, 4 people voted against Luscious and the ones that did vote for him were himself of course, Jamal, Andre…but Hakeem voted against his dad, with the help of Camilla’s persuasion. So with Luscious being out, Meme announces that she is handing over her position to Camilla, her wife. Sooooo technically Camilla can give Empire to Hakeem if she wanted to and it seems like that was her plan.

Lastly, Anika has been visiting Rhonda, Andre’s wife, because Rhonda is pregnant with the official grandson of the family and Anika got pregnant by Hakeem but he doesn’t know yet. Welllll, somehow Rhonda’s alarm system went off while she was in the house alone and she gets pushed down the stairs by an intruder and she dies.Hmmmmmmm I’m thinking it was Anika because she seems jealous of Rhonda being open with her pregnancy and she, Anika, can’t. Tisk Tisk.

The next season doesn’t start until March but I’m sure it’ll be a good start.

That’s all I got for ya! Leave your comments below!!




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