Should We be Shaming Steve Harvey for his common mistake?

     So clearly the Internet has been buzzing about Steve Harvey and the Miss Universe pageant. If you haven’t heard here’s what happened: Comedian, Actor, Author and Talk Show Host Steve Harvey hosted the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. The two finalist were, Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines. Steve accidentally announced Miss Colombia as the Miss Universe winner…… But really it was Miss Philippines that won, according to the announcement card. After he realized his mistake, he apologized and said who the correct winner was. He even made a few tweets about the accident.

Photo credit : Steve Harvey Twitter account


 My question is: Was it a common mistake? Should he have been paying attention to the card? Was the announcement card arrange wrong where it could have been confusing?

Photo Credit: Instagram page of Singer Tyrese


     In my opinion I believe that the organizers of the show probably went over the structure of the announcement card with him, BUT but it was in very fine print where it says that Miss Philippines was the winner. Honestly, honestly where the winner was located on the card is probably where his thumb was, holding the announcement card.  BUT that’s my opinion.

Let me know your comments below!


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