Me’Nonca Johnson: Independent Public Relations Consultant

The year 2015 was a year of young adults being their own boss, from starting online boutique stores, to creating their own brand of clothing–BUT then there is Me’Nonca Johnson, or “MJ”. She is different from that typical line of entrepreneurship, she is an independent Public Relations Consultant.


With MJ’s self-sufficient attitude, she’s managed to have a clientele that is continually growing.  She got her start from simply being around the right people at the right time.

MJ’s inspiration started when she randomly met Football Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams. She built a relationship with with him and gained his mentorship. She was also able to tag along with his Public Relations Representative Jane Higgins and THAT is when she had an eye opener. Higgins was also rapper Nelly’s P.R agent early on in his career. Higgins taught MJ what she needed to know to help forthcoming artists, like her big brother “Fame” who is an upcoming artist in St. Louis.

MJ was just 14 when she started tagging along with Jane. In a way, that was MJ’s way of interning her way into the business. By the time opportunities were available to her, she had already built relationships with people, to gain access through the doors of the Public Relations world.

MJ’s first legit job was with Nawgan, the Brain Alertness Drink, that was headquartered in St. Louis. Since then, the company has moved to Dana Point, California. After that opportunity, she needed to keep building contacts, so MJ continued interning with different companies. Of course she dealt with her fair share of scams, dealing with people who were saying they were something/someone that they weren’t. The scams were more about opportunity and less about money.


She goes by the motto “Fool me once” especially dealing with certain people and companies. Once they fooled her once, she wiped her hands clean with them and moved on to the next opportunity until she realized that she can do this business on  her own. Her mindset is: “Once the contract is up, so is that opportunity.” With MJ’s self-determination, it motivates her to keep working on her next move. She likes her freedom and being her own boss because she says “She doesn’t have to be in a box and she can show off her talents without it being controlled.” She makes her on rules, because she is her own boss. Boss ladies don’t get play too often, if at all.

 In five years, MJ sees herself writing or co-writing movies, mentoring those in need,  being part of charitable organizations, and even being part of a lot of light shows, which are big on the east coast. She still keeps in contact with Aeneas Williams and Jane Higgins because she believes that “Where you get your start, Is important.” Those two are always helping her get new connections and they even vouch for her. When a Hall of Famer and his Public Relations Rep speak good things of you, then you KNOW you are doing something right.

She is doing big things at such a young age, 23. It’s good to see young black women being independent and starting their own businesses. If you ever need her business, here is her contact information: and be looking out for her in the year 2016.









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