Golden Globe Awards: My favorite highlights

The Golden Globes were alright to me…just alright.The highlight of the night for me, other than Denzel Washington winning the Cecile B. Millie Award, was one of my favorite actresses winning the award for Best Actress in A Drama Television Series–Taraji P Henson. I just LOVE this lady. This was her first Golden Globe win and really her first BIG win as her role on Empire, playing Cookie Lyon. She rocked a white Stella McCartney Gown to the show.

Before Taraji’s speech, when it was announced that she won the award, she started handing out cookies to people in the crowd on her way up to the stage. HA, now that was hilarious.  Her speech was everything and she was being herself, and that’s real. In her speech, she says that it’s odd that she got her award for playing a woman who sold crack and spent 17 years in jail versus, her getting an award for a more positive role, like what she had played in the Karate Kid. But she says “The World Loves Real.” Here’s the video below:


I wish her more success and more awards in the future and I will continue to be a fan of hers.


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