The Simple Things, Like School Supplies

It’s the simple things in life that make you appreciate being a kid again. From watching cartoons while eating Froot Loops cereal, to playing UNO, and even buying school supplies makes you reminisce

Yesterday, I went into Walmart to do some grocery shopping and I came across the school supply section. Now just a brief history, when I was a kid I use to LOVE school supplies, like Lisa Frank folders and notebooks, colorful pens. I even liked markers, crayons and those cute little planners. So while I’m in Walmart, looking at all the supplies, all memories started coming back to me. It made me realize that I have no reason to go school supply shopping anymore. It use to make me happy as a kid to go, something that simple. Now that I’ve graduated high school AND college, I don’t get to have that pleasure of going anymore. Maybe once I have children I’ll be able to enjoy the fun in it again, and even then my children may not find that much enjoyment in it.

The moral of my story is this; enjoy the simple things while they last, like your kid’s first words or them walking; or you not having any responsibilities; and even  buying supplies that remind you of your youth and when the only thing that mattered was school and not paying bills.

Cherish the simple things.


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