Do Opposites Attract?

There is a saying that goes “opposites attract” but sometimes in the long run it doesn’t always work out. If you are opposite of someone then you two have different views and that may be (but not limited too): growing up an only child versus with siblings, growing up with both parents versus a single parent and even having an active childhood versus not being active at all as a child. I’m not saying that opposites attracting won’t EVER work out. What I’m saying is, it can cause complications.

When being in a relationship, everyone wants to be loved differently. Some people may like spending time with each other as a way of showing love and that’s it; then there are some folks that like gifts and other knit knacks to show that they are being thought of in a love matter. Both of those can correlate to a person’s childhood with their parents being around or not being around. For example, someone who may have grew up with one parent may cherish spending time with someone versus buying them things all the time. On the flip side, a person who grew up with both parents may have that one parent or parents who only gave them money or bought them things and then sent them on their way–that person may like gifts much better than spending time OR that person may cherish both but of course may be better than the other.

I’ve realized that being in a relationship requires some knowledge of each other’s backgrounds and of course COMMUNICATION. Without the two, there will be BIG problems. Opposites can attract in some cases but both parties have to be willing to alter ways that are caused by their childhood.

I’m no expert, I’m jus speaking from experience.


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