Black History Fact: Rosa Parks

Since today is Rosa Parks Birthday, it’s  only right to dedicate the first Black  History Fact to her.

Rosa Parks was first recognized when she refused to give her seat up on a Montgomery bus to a white man. Back in the 1950s, Black People had to sit in the back of the bus and since there weren’t any available seats, Rosa sat in the white section. She had just got off work, and did not want to stand because she was tired of giving in to all the inequality. After she refused, she was kicked off the bus and that sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and drew attention to the Civil Rights Movement.


The case got the attention of the NAACP chairman and the case was taken to the District Courts in Alabama. The judge ruled that “racial segregation laws are unconstitutional.”

Rosa will forever be recognized for her courage, activism and her fight for equality for Black People. She fought for change in the world alongside with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; even though the world isn’t perfect, we’ve came a long way with her courage and dignity.

Happu Birthday to Ms. Parks, who passed away in 2005 but would’ve been 105 today.



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