No More CDs?? Am I getting old?


Tell me it isn’t so?

I recently read that Best Buy will be pulling all of their CDs from their shelves starting in July. Even Target is  considering the idea, under the condition  the music suppliers agree to a consignment base sales platform. In simpler terms, that means Target only want to pay for the CDs that sell instead of selling whatever CDs the supplier sends them and what they doesn’t sell, they have to pay to ship the items back, which is what they’re doing now.

I remember being a young kid and my mom having a tape player in her car and listening to Jodeci.

Credit: car-mods

To take it back a step further, I remember my Nanas having a vinyl player (turntable) and me, her and my little cousin Cobi (RIP) would listen to Michael Jackson’s Bad album.

To go back further than that lol, my grandpa gave my dad his old school 1974 Rolls Royce and it had an 8-track in it, and my dad would listen to some Al Green when I rode with him.

Fast forward to my high school days, i would record songs on the radio using a tape andddd i started buying CDs in elementary school (allowance money). I even got into making mix CDs, ask my friends and cousin about me lol. I was ON it! So, to hear that one of the places i would buy my CDs from, Best Buy, will stop selling them starting in July, it’s sucks! Am i getting that old? I’m only 20….something, and I feel like I’ve seen all the phases in which music has been played over the years.

Currently, my Jeep does not have a CD player. I play music from my phone through Bluetooth but prior to that, i was STILL buying CDs up to two years ago. I’m guessing this won’t hurt the music sales as much since artists are getting their money through streams via Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, Tidal, Sound Cloud And even YouTube. But I’m still kinda sad because I feel old lol!

Danii Gold out ✌🏾

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