Danii’s 2019 Lessons

2019 has been one for the books. I was unemployed for 10 out of 12 months, I had to get my hussle bussle on, I learned how powerful the tongue was and of course i questioned a lot of shit.

“What is my purpose?”

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“Why am I going through with this?”

“Will I ever have a job again?”

“Am I meant to be an entrepreneur and work for myself?”

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“Whats the purpose of exchanging gifts on Christmas anyways?”

Yeah, my thoughts ranged a lot but struggle and pressure will do that to you. I also, once again, learned who my real friends were and who was and wasn’t a priority. I worked on my confidence and walked in three fashion shows this year and I’m so proud of myself. Modeling is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a kid because I was so lanky lol. So I’m tall and thick in the right places…somewhat. (lol)

model pic in fur 1

model pic in yellow

model pic in fur 2

Another thing I learned is that….it’s okay to say no and decline an opportunity. Knowing your worth is important. Time is precious and if you feel that something isn’t worth your time, it’s okay to respectfully decline.

One major thing I learned is to ALWAYS have more than one income. Before I lost my job last year, I already wanted to generate multiple streams of income, so I started freelance writing and even looked in Forex. I wish I would’ve started sooner because I wouldn’t had to work so hard, but it made me grind harder, which I’m thankful for.

2020 is my comeback year, my “pay off debt” year, my “saving more money” year, my “generate multiple incomes” year, and many more!

Cheers to 2020!


What 2016 has Taught Me

2016 has been up and down for me. It’s  been filled with emotions and me slowly but finding myself. As the year was reaching it’s end, nothing but good things have happened to me.

I started out 2016 in a relationship and I’m ending it single, which is fine. That was my first serious relationship and it taught me so much about myself. Even though moving in with him soooo soon wasn’t my best choice lol, I did it and I didn’t come out of the relationship pregnant (no shade), no dogs, or any other attachments. That bad decision has taught me what my limits are, what makes me click off lol, what makes me happy and sad. Overall even though it’s over, I’m glad it happened because a LOT of lessons were learned from it and there are no hard feelings on MY END. I’m not going into 2017 with any harsh feelings towards him, it is what it is.

Sometimes you have to separate yourself from things and people for blessings to come your way. In August, I took a cruise out of the country and had an AMAZING time. I experienced snorkeling (even though I can NOT swim) and i I was able to experience a different culture.

My biggest accomplishment in 2016 was purchasing my first car ON MY OWN. I’ve had 3 cars in the past and my last one, I had for six years!! I’m proud of myself for getting my credit together, getting pre-approved, and getting the car I wanted…well the second car I wanted. (I really wanted a Jeep Wrangler lol)

For the new year, I plan on traveling more, getting more invested in my career and I start school in January, seeking my Masters degree in Communication. I feel like nothing but great things will come my way this year.




New Year, Why Wait Now?

So it’s a new year and people are always making New Year Resolutions and never fall through with it, only because they hold off on it, or say they are going to start the next month and next month and so on. Some  resolutions people make:

  • ” I’m going to start eating healthier starting next year.”

  • ” I’m going to read more.”

  • “I’m going to start exercising….next year.:

  • “I’m going to cut a few people off.”

  • “I’m going to manage my money better.”

I’m sure you see my point, I personally think that you shouldn’t wait until the New Year, only because you should start the change while you are noticing that you want to make that change. If you want to eat healthier, start that same day or even the next day. While you are eating the McDonalds burger that isn’t healthy for you, just finish it up since you already paid for lol, and start fresh the next day, but don’t wait till the new year or in this case since the new year is here, don’t start the next month or a month before you are going on vacation to a beach. Start immediately because the longer you wait, dealing with health, it can get worse. That goes along with exercising. I’m no saint when it comes to doing either but I’m “slowly” working on it and I didn’t wait until January 1st to start. The longer you wait to exercise, the more you are going to gain weight, if you don’t eat healthy, depending on your metabolism.

running-buddies.jpg madison365
photo credit: madison365.com


When it comes to reading more, that is very essential to this day and age, mainly because of all this police brutality and racism going on, you don’t want to read the first thing you see; research, get the facts before you jump to conclusions. The first thing you may read is “Black Man shot by police for stealing from convenience store.” If you don’t do your research then you won’t know the whole back end of the story. I’m getting off subject but my point is, read! Try to read a book a month or every two to three months, just to stimulate your mind and have peace.


photo credit: blackballad.co.uk

As far as cutting people, do it while they are doing you dirty and have you feeling sketchy towards them. Why wait till this year to leave ’em alone? You should’ve been doing that when the person was on some BS. It may be hard to fully cut people off, so my advice is to do slowly, then while there is the disconnect, let them know…or not, if that’s your thing. Don’t have people in your life that aren’t trying to better themselves. If your surroundings don’t motivate you then how will you better yourself? Some people can better themselves without having other positive people around them but why not have people in your circle that support you and that are positive influences on your life? Just saying.



Money management!! I know this could be hard but this is definitely an investment you shouldn’t wait on. If you manage your money right away, then you can invest in the finer things you may want, like a new coat, shoes, car, vacation, house, etc. Don’t wait, because something as simple as saving $5 once a week over a period of time, is a start, then eventually increase that amount. Every little bit counts.

photo credit: uptownmagazine.com



That’s all I got for ya.