Blogging Challenge: Day 11: 5 Favorite Foods

Favorite Foods!!!

I love food so this will be easy peazy!!

  • Imos Pizza

  • Image result for IMO'S PIZZA box  imos pizza

  • Chinamen (St. Louis Chinese Food) [Can’t find a picture in my phone]

  • Pickles–I’m that girl who orders a side of pickles when I go out to eat…sometimes lol

    Image result for pickles

  • Potatoes (all types)

    • French Fries

    • Potato Chips

      • Lil Romeo Rap SnackImage result for lil romeo rap snacks

      • Flamin Hot LaysImage result for flamin hot lays

      • Hot DiggetysImage result for hot diggity chips

  • STEAK (gotta love my steak)

Image result for steak well done

What are your favorite foods???