Scorpion Album Review

I know I'm late buuuuuuuuuuuuut I had to do a review on this Scorpion album. Of course Pusha T spilled the tea about Drake having a son and Drake admitted it TWICE on the album with NO SHAME. Drake has two sides of the album, which is equivalent to the days when cassette tapes were … Continue reading Scorpion Album Review


Teyana Taylor “K.T.S.E.” Album Review

Teyana FINALLY released her album and I’ve been slowly but surely getting into. For one, since it was released under the Kanye and he produced by him, I knew it would be a catch 🙄 First off, it didn’t follow the 7 song guidelines that Kanye was so stern on producing. There was 8 songs … Continue reading Teyana Taylor “K.T.S.E.” Album Review


Y'all I FINALLY decided to start a Youtube Channel!! In my videos, I'll be talking about the latest entertainment stories in the news with my own spin of thoughts on the topics, so pretty similar to this blog but you'll see my covering more content. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tune in and SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL. Watch my … Continue reading I STARTED MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!

Blogging Challenge: Day 15

featured image credit: Where will I be in 5 years....the question is where I WANT to be in 5 years is.. Successful Business owner Monetizing my blog Being a well known entertainment reporter  Married and hopefully have a kid..or 2...maybe 3 if I get lucky with TWINSSS! lol Financially stable More importantly....happy. Do my … Continue reading Blogging Challenge: Day 15

Blogging Challenge: Day 14: Healthy Habits

featured image credit: credit: Ouuu this is easy: Three Healthy Habits I have are: Cutting Pork out of my food intake. I've been pork free since October ish. It was hard because I LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Bacon but it was starting to become too salty and I already don't eat a lot of vegetables so I felt … Continue reading Blogging Challenge: Day 14: Healthy Habits