What 2018 Has Taught Me

I can honestly say that 2018 was good to me. It’s helped me learn more about myself and it showed me that things don’t always go as planned, as cliché as this sounds. Now I KNOW that things don’t go according to plan but I’m a planner so sometimes the simplest thing that doesn’t go according to my schedule I kind of… flip out. I even plan back up plans for when my original plans don’t go through, sounds crazy right?
With that being said..I took a loss, and it was something that I had never experienced before. I plan so much and try to have soo much control over my life but this loss was something that I couldn’t control. Was I shocked? Yes. Was I sad? Honestly not really. Did it really hit me later and give me a reality check? Absolutely. I am still dealing with it but honestly it’s something that I had been indirectly praying to God about and he pretty much said “bet, say no more.” And BOOM I took a loss lol. I’ll speak more about it later, just not now.
In the midst of dealing with all that, I grew apart from someone who I was once close with. I know I can be sensitive at times and due to me being that way, I try to distance myself from certain situations to prevent getting my feelings hurt. I had been doing this for a while and just “doing me and living my best.” During this situation i was blatantly honest when approached by the close one. Of course that didn’t end well hence we’re not that close anymore, but I was telling my truth and being unbiased. Am I opposed to getting back close to the close one? Absolutely not. But I guess till will tell and time will reveal.
Besides all the bad and self reflecting I went through this year, I went through some good stuff too lol:
I started the year with the internship of my dreams, at radio one in St. Louis. I completed it in April.


I finished my classes for my masters in March. I graduated in May.
I traveled to Cabo Mexico with a huge group and it was FUN.
I met an amazing guy when I really wasn’t looking for anything serious but here we are, 8 months into our relationship.
I stressed on finding a new job because my health care job that I have been at for three years just wasn’t my passion.
I searched and searched and searched for jobs and finally landed my first big girl job in July, right before my birthday. (What a great early birthday present)
I went back to LA for my birthday and kicked it.
I went to Atlanta twice this year and actually got to enjoy it.

I also walked in two fashion shows this year.

So, it’s safe to say that 2018 has been full of ups AND down but that’s life right? I’m looking forward to what 2019 brings and shows me. 

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Danii Gold out!

Start Today, Why Wait?

Just because 2018 is starting in a few days,  doesn’t mean you have to start over when  a new year starts.

Do you want to live a healthier life? Start today.

Want to start exercising? Do a few sit ups or jumping jacks TODAY!

Do you want to start a business “next year “? Start brainstorming today!

Wanna cut someone out of your life? Cut them off today!

Do you wanna reconnect with someone, start the process TODAY!

Want to invest money, start researching TODAY!

People want to start doing new things at the beginning of the year but then drag their feet once January starts and then end up starting in February..then March, and so on and so forth.

If you’re going  to make changes in your life then why wait if you’re going to do them anyways, start planning today!

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Danii Gold out ✌🏾

What 2016 has Taught Me

2016 has been up and down for me. It’s  been filled with emotions and me slowly but finding myself. As the year was reaching it’s end, nothing but good things have happened to me.

I started out 2016 in a relationship and I’m ending it single, which is fine. That was my first serious relationship and it taught me so much about myself. Even though moving in with him soooo soon wasn’t my best choice lol, I did it and I didn’t come out of the relationship pregnant (no shade), no dogs, or any other attachments. That bad decision has taught me what my limits are, what makes me click off lol, what makes me happy and sad. Overall even though it’s over, I’m glad it happened because a LOT of lessons were learned from it and there are no hard feelings on MY END. I’m not going into 2017 with any harsh feelings towards him, it is what it is.

Sometimes you have to separate yourself from things and people for blessings to come your way. In August, I took a cruise out of the country and had an AMAZING time. I experienced snorkeling (even though I can NOT swim) and i I was able to experience a different culture.

My biggest accomplishment in 2016 was purchasing my first car ON MY OWN. I’ve had 3 cars in the past and my last one, I had for six years!! I’m proud of myself for getting my credit together, getting pre-approved, and getting the car I wanted…well the second car I wanted. (I really wanted a Jeep Wrangler lol)

For the new year, I plan on traveling more, getting more invested in my career and I start school in January, seeking my Masters degree in Communication. I feel like nothing but great things will come my way this year.