OITNB Season 7 Addresses Immigration, Child Lost, Toxic Masculinity and More

Like others, I was sad to watch the last season of Orange is The New Black. Yes, season 6 wasn’t the best but watching this last season brought back season 1-4 vibes. Piper trying to get her life together after being released even though she’s still stuck on Alex

I understand they have history and they comforted each other while being in prison BUT Piper has the right to have a life outside of prison. Yes, she could’ve still visited Alex and send her money but still being in a relationship with her…nah

But love is love, I get it! Besides the typically relationship issues, OITNB touched on a lot of issues such as toxic masculinity environment, child loss, immigration, unfair pay towards women and of course…survival.

Toxic Masculinity

Men can be even bigger assholes when they’re in charge. Give em a little power and they are out of control. CO Hellman bullies Alex to sell drugs for him and pretty much tells her not to get caught, and only providing her with little insight. Also, the obligation is annoying as hell! When all the COs apply for the warden position, the male COs sexualize the fuck out their interviewee Linda Ferguson (VP of MCC) afterwards, talking about her breast and how they would have sex with her. It was disgusting! Then, to top it off when CO Ward gets the position, everyone assumes that it is because she is black and a woman at that. Of course, that is why (that is what Linda said), but everyone is salty that she got the job because they feel she is under-qualified. She was also getting underpaid as a CO, making only $29,000 a year; meanwhile the other lady CO is getting paid $32,000 and the men were getting paid $40,000. The audacity of them to feel some kind of way about her getting hired even though they were getting paid more.

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Child Loss

I personally have not dealt with child loss but I love how OITNB shows one of the common reactions of dealing with a loss, specifically child loss—denial. Loopy Lorna was always making up stories and fantasizing about her life after prison; but I actually felt bad for her. Her and her husband Vince were expecting a baby. She had the baby and she was telling stories of what it’ll be like once she is released but the baby passed away due to pneumonia. Lorna was in denial at the moment and even after months of his death. She created an Instagram account for him and stole images of other kids to place on her page. She simply could not come to terms with it. OITNB showed that this is a normal to be in denial about close deaths and it can take a while to get over it. Poor Lorna and the other mothers out there that have dealt with child loss.

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It was an eye-opener to see what ICE does to immigrants and even more sad that it is going on now. To how it’s a wild goose chase to talk on the phone. The ICE officials were rude and mean as fuck! They legit treated the inmates like true murderers. What really made me upset was when the children were in court and the judge was asking them questions like they were adults and the children did not understand at all! It was truly heartening to watch but it’s the sad reality.

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Some extra takeaways from this season is Red having dementia. This was sad to watch because she was looked at as the mother figure and the one who takes care of everyone. To see her so fragile, delicate and helpless was heartbreaking. To see Nichols break down when having to deal with Red’s dementia and Lorna’s denial with her child loss is so relatable. She’s trying to help both of them as well as personally coping with their conditions.

Taystee attempting suicide was not expected but understanding. Just like Nichols, she is the strong one and even a leader. You see her whole spirit change once she comes to terms that she isn’t getting out anytime soon. The bright side of it all is, she sees her worth and shares her knowledge with other inmates, being a tutor to them to pass their GED test. When Doggett dies of an overdose, it was one of the saddest moment of the season and she died thinking she was dumb and didn’t pass the test. The light at the end of the tunnel is when Taystee finds out that Doggett did indeed pass her test. That was confirmation for Taystee to keep going, keep helping others, and she even started an organization to help inmates situated when they are released from prison, in memory of her friend, everyone’s favorite, Poussey Washington .

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Overall, I enjoyed the season and it sucks that it ended. I would love for them to have a end of the season movie, just so I could see if Taystee gets released from prison; Black Cindy growing her relationship with her daughter; Sophia living a lavish life after prison and even building her relationship with her disrespectful son.

What are you thoughts on the series?