Netflix’s “Hollywood” Addresses Racial and Sexuality Barriers in the 1940s

Netflix released a series this week called “Hollywood” and the title says everything of what it is about PLUS MORE. It takes place in the late 1940s and a few individuals are trying to get their big break in Hollywood; one guy being a white aspiring actor[Jack Castello, played by David Corenswet], a black gay screenwriter[Archie Coleman, played by Jeremy Pope], a black aspiring actress [Camille Washington, Laura Harrier] who wants more than maid roles, and a white aspiring gay actor [Rock Hudson, played by Jake Picking] who just wants a break. Of course during the 40s, being black and/or gay was very controversial and not accepted.

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Archie Coleman wrote a film titled Peg but once the executives found out he was black, they wanted to pay him off and write someone else’s name on the film. He wasn’t going for that. Archie fought and with the help director Raymond Ainsley, played by Darren Criss, and some “not-so-bad” executives, he was able to still be part of the process and continue to have his name on the film. Raymond’s girlfriend Camille [yes, an interracial couple] wanted to audition for the film even though the script is meant for an all-white cast. Archie and Raymond decided that if Camille was cast as the main character, then they would change the title to Meg. Luckily, she was cast as Meg!! It sparked controversy and even harassment but she overcame it, even Archie.

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Camille even received support from Hattie McDaniels,  played by Queen Latifah. She warned her that she would face backlash, but nonetheless, she was proud of her. Hattie even congratulated Camille on her Oscar win backstage. At the time when Hattie won her Oscar years prior, she was unable to be in the main venue even though she was nominated. It was very monumental when she greeted Camille backstage.

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At the end of the movie while the cast of Meg is at the 20th annual Oscars, as the nominees and winners are being announced, you can tell the writers of the series wanted to focus on the minorities. When the white people of the cast of Meg won awards, they skipped their actual emotion and acceptance versus for the others. For instance, when Chinese actress Annie Mae Wong, played by Michelle Kruseic, won for best supporting actress, she was snubbed years back for a role in a different movie, so when she won this time, the writers of this series made sure to capture her emotions and presence on the stage. When Archie won for best writer, he not only kissed his boyfriend Rock in front of everyone, but once he got on stage to accept his award, he was unapologetic about it while being booed!! When Raymond won for best director, the camera captured him in the lobby with the award and the celebrating with the cast of the movie, not on stage. Lastly, when Camille won, everything from her heartbeat was being heard, to the long pause she took before speaking.

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I loved how the producers captured what was not accepted and even possible in the 1940s. Some characters are real and others are fake but, they made the series seem more pleasant and acceptable and even not pitting the Camille and the white supporting actress against each other.

Did you all capture the series? If so, what are your thoughts?

“You” Season 2: Joe Met His Match

By now, everyone has seen You Season 2 on Netflix and its safe to safe that Joe found his match. He went from being the creepy guy who wins women over by stalking them discreetly, to the stalking-less creepy-learned his lesson in season 1-truly in love-wants to live his life right-guy.

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Joe, I mean Will (the name Joe gave), fell for Love Quinn unintentionally. He tried to be nice and less stalker-ish but Love was so…pushy. Which should’ve been a red flag but she became normal after a while.

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Once “Will” and Love became official and things were normal, his ex Candace that he THOUGHT he killed, pops back in the picture in an attempt to ruin his current love life by warning everyone that he is crazy. She goes through extreme measures to the point where she starts to look crazy. Will wants a fresh start with Love and has no intentions on being his crazy self but, ya know, things happen.

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Once Candace convinced everyone that Will was really Joe and that he was crazy and even locking him in his own box, his true colors were revealed to Love. Unfortunately Love wasn’t moved by Candace’s evidence, so she killed her.

When Love revealed that she had been secretly talking stalking “Will” herself, the tables had turned. She knew about his storage box, when he was watching her, EVERYTHING. She explained that they were soulmates, which was the same thing Joe thought BUT at that moment…he knew that she was crazy and that he had met his match. Love did everything that Joe had did in the past, from stalking to killing any person that got in the way of love. Joe was looking at a female version of himself and he was terrified, but looking at the bigger picture, she is pregnant with his “child”, she loves him for all his crazy ways and truthfully Joe loves her crazy ass back. The good outweighed the bad with Love and he decided to settle and take it for what it is.

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My season 3 predictions:

  • Joe is going to lust over the neighbor
  • The baby isn’t his and he’s going to kill Love because of it
  • He’s going to resort back to his old ways.


What are your thoughts on Season 2 of You? Comment below and let me know.



OITNB Season 7 Addresses Immigration, Child Lost, Toxic Masculinity and More

Like others, I was sad to watch the last season of Orange is The New Black. Yes, season 6 wasn’t the best but watching this last season brought back season 1-4 vibes. Piper trying to get her life together after being released even though she’s still stuck on Alex

I understand they have history and they comforted each other while being in prison BUT Piper has the right to have a life outside of prison. Yes, she could’ve still visited Alex and send her money but still being in a relationship with her…nah

But love is love, I get it! Besides the typically relationship issues, OITNB touched on a lot of issues such as toxic masculinity environment, child loss, immigration, unfair pay towards women and of course…survival.

Toxic Masculinity

Men can be even bigger assholes when they’re in charge. Give em a little power and they are out of control. CO Hellman bullies Alex to sell drugs for him and pretty much tells her not to get caught, and only providing her with little insight. Also, the obligation is annoying as hell! When all the COs apply for the warden position, the male COs sexualize the fuck out their interviewee Linda Ferguson (VP of MCC) afterwards, talking about her breast and how they would have sex with her. It was disgusting! Then, to top it off when CO Ward gets the position, everyone assumes that it is because she is black and a woman at that. Of course, that is why (that is what Linda said), but everyone is salty that she got the job because they feel she is under-qualified. She was also getting underpaid as a CO, making only $29,000 a year; meanwhile the other lady CO is getting paid $32,000 and the men were getting paid $40,000. The audacity of them to feel some kind of way about her getting hired even though they were getting paid more.

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Child Loss

I personally have not dealt with child loss but I love how OITNB shows one of the common reactions of dealing with a loss, specifically child loss—denial. Loopy Lorna was always making up stories and fantasizing about her life after prison; but I actually felt bad for her. Her and her husband Vince were expecting a baby. She had the baby and she was telling stories of what it’ll be like once she is released but the baby passed away due to pneumonia. Lorna was in denial at the moment and even after months of his death. She created an Instagram account for him and stole images of other kids to place on her page. She simply could not come to terms with it. OITNB showed that this is a normal to be in denial about close deaths and it can take a while to get over it. Poor Lorna and the other mothers out there that have dealt with child loss.

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It was an eye-opener to see what ICE does to immigrants and even more sad that it is going on now. To how it’s a wild goose chase to talk on the phone. The ICE officials were rude and mean as fuck! They legit treated the inmates like true murderers. What really made me upset was when the children were in court and the judge was asking them questions like they were adults and the children did not understand at all! It was truly heartening to watch but it’s the sad reality.

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Some extra takeaways from this season is Red having dementia. This was sad to watch because she was looked at as the mother figure and the one who takes care of everyone. To see her so fragile, delicate and helpless was heartbreaking. To see Nichols break down when having to deal with Red’s dementia and Lorna’s denial with her child loss is so relatable. She’s trying to help both of them as well as personally coping with their conditions.

Taystee attempting suicide was not expected but understanding. Just like Nichols, she is the strong one and even a leader. You see her whole spirit change once she comes to terms that she isn’t getting out anytime soon. The bright side of it all is, she sees her worth and shares her knowledge with other inmates, being a tutor to them to pass their GED test. When Doggett dies of an overdose, it was one of the saddest moment of the season and she died thinking she was dumb and didn’t pass the test. The light at the end of the tunnel is when Taystee finds out that Doggett did indeed pass her test. That was confirmation for Taystee to keep going, keep helping others, and she even started an organization to help inmates situated when they are released from prison, in memory of her friend, everyone’s favorite, Poussey Washington .

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Overall, I enjoyed the season and it sucks that it ended. I would love for them to have a end of the season movie, just so I could see if Taystee gets released from prison; Black Cindy growing her relationship with her daughter; Sophia living a lavish life after prison and even building her relationship with her disrespectful son.

What are you thoughts on the series?

DNA vs No DNA: OJ Case Compared to the Exonerated 5

Over the past two weeks, I finished watching When They See Us and The People vs. O.J on Netflix. I watched part 1 of When They See Us and took a week break because, well, it’s sad. In that week, I watched The OJ series and I know I’m late on it but it was really shocking how much evidence they had and he was proven innocent.

All The Evidence In The World and No Conviction

OJ was known to be abusive to his ex-wife Nicole Brown, according to police calls ad documents. He was also known as being a charming professional football player. He wasn’t caught at the scene of the crime, but his blood was there. A glove was found at the scene at the crime, but it didn’t fit his hand. When he got the call about Nicole being dead, he didn’t ask how she died. OJ was on a whole speed chase with his friend Aj Cowlings driving him because he was threatening to kill himself. Why would he threaten to kill himself if he didn’t kill Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman? There were too many red flags. Of course Black people wanted him to be innocent because there have been several instances where black people were wrongfully convicted and it was probably time for a black person to get away with something. An instance when black people were wrongfully convicted were the Central Park 5, also known as the Exonerated 5, also known as Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, and Kevin Richardson.

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The story about the exonerated 5 is this; five young boys [Korey Wise, Yusef Salaam, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, and Kevin Richardson] were accused of raping a white woman jogging in Central Park on April 19, 1989. They were coerced into admitting to the crime so they would get less time. No DNA placed them at the scene of crime. Yes, they were in the park around the time of the incident but they were on a totally different side. Some fight broke out at the park and as some of them were trying to leave, they got picked up by the police. The next day, the police picked up the others and one in particular, Korey, came along with his friend Yusef just so he wouldn’t be alone.

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The police accused these young boys because they were black and they so happened to be at the park at the wrong time. They manipulated them so bad they made Korey, Yusef, Kevin, Antron and Raymond make up stories and pin stories against each other just so they could leave the police station. Some of the boys were questioned without a parent present. This was a sad story to watch because the boys were so young and didn’t know how corrupt the system was. Between the 5 of them, they spent between 6 years to 13 years behind bars. Even though the real rapist admitted to the crime, the men had already did their time. Korey was still doing time when Matias Reyes admitted to the crime and he was even in prison with him.

The exonerated 5 sued the City of New York and got a large settlement, but no amount of money could give these men back the time they spend in prison and the time they lost. They will forever be mentally scarred from this traumatic life event.

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My Analysis

It’s crazy how the system doesn’t properly serve justice but it’s a reality. In New York, Korey, Yusef, Antron, Kevin and Raymond were young boys, kids in a sense and they were 100% innocent but the way Linda Fairstein saw it, they were black, young and guilty. Innocent kids were forced into a juvenile detention and even prison all over the rape of a woman (in which they didn’t do). The prosecution placed judgement on them and wanted to so desperately solve this case, even if it meant wrongfully convicting someone. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, during their sentence, O.J is found not guilty of murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. As I stated above, black people have been wrongfully convicted for years and it was time for a black person to get away with something but murder tho? With plain site DNA? What if some of jurors (the many that were selected) knew that OJ was guilty and they paid attention to the Central Park 5 case that happened in ’89 and figured “Those boys were innocent, OJ isn’t but we’re gonna vote not guilty anyway.” It’s sounds crazy but it’s a thought. The justice system has still come a ways, but they have a long way to go, especially with police brutality and them being proven innocent.

What are your thoughts on the two cases? Comment below and let me know.

Danii Gold out


Women’s Month: Regina King Appreciation

With this being Women’s History Month, I decided to dedicate a post someone who’s been on the screens since I could remember. Let’s take a moment to idolize and appreciate Ms. Regina King. She’s a prime example of “Started From The Bottom,” when it comes to film.

Let us start from the beginning. Her first starring role was “227” as Brenda Jenkins.

Then she went on to play a small role in Boyz N Da Hood in 1991, which was directed by John Singleton. This was/is a classic movie that she played a ghetto girl in 😂

Then in 1993, she co-starred with Janet Jackson, 2Pac and Joe Torry in another classic film directed by John Singleton titled Poetic Justice. Another ghetto role but she was entertaining to say the least. She was the real friend who keeps it real with you.

A third classic film that Regina King was part of was Friday, which was written by Ice Cube. This was just two years after Poetic Justice. She stayed pretty busy during the 1990s.

Regina switched back to the her tv role days and had recurring roles on shows such as “Leap of Faith,” “24,” “Southland” and “Shameless.” She got an even bigger role in “The Boondocks,” playing the voices of Huey and Riley from 2005-2014.

Regina had another recurring role in “American Crime” WHICH got her an Emmy!!

Another favorite of mine was the Netflix Original movie Seven Seconds. Regina played a mourning mom trying to solve her son’s hit and run case, which was caused by the New York Police Department. She had sleepless nights and even stalked the home of the guy involved. She did a stellar job, which landed her ANOTHER Emmy.

More recently, like weeks ago, Regina got her FIRST Oscar for her supporting role in the James Baldwin novel turned film, If Beale Street Could Talk. She played a mother who’s son was wrongly incarcerated for the rape of a white woman. She remained supportive and calm throughout the process even though it was stressful.

To say that Ms. Regina King has came a long way would be an understatement. So, we’ll just say SHE DID THAT!!

I’m happy for this beautiful black queen and I’m excited to see what else she brings to the movie screens and tv screens. What is your favorite Regina King movie or show?

Danii Gold out!! ✌🏾 ✌🏾 ✌🏾