We Don’t Appreciate the NAACP Image Awards Enough

Over the weekend, the NAACP Awards celebrated it’s 50th year and per usual, people of color were recognized, from Maxine Walters and many more. Artists an Actors were awarded such as:

Chadwick Boseman for winning Outstanding Actor in a Film for “Black Panther”

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Taraji P Henson for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for the show Empire

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Anthony Anderson Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series for the ABC Show Blackish

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Tracee Ellis Ross Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series for the ABC Show Blackish

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Jay-Z received the President Award and Beyonce received the Entertainer of the Year Award.

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I think it is important for black award shows like this to be in a category of their own peers. I understand that being in a category with other peers of difference genres of music and different movie categories, that it is more important to win because you beat out a wider range of nominees, but “competing” against your own peers and being positively recognized for it is definitely a plus. I think that us as an audience and others as a creative should be more thankful and appreciative of these kind of awards.

Tell me your thoughts below!

Danii Gold out!


Oscars 2018 Fashion

I want to dedicate this post to the lovely Black Women who came and slayed the 2018 Oscars this year.






Oh, the men looked fine too!!

credit: nytimes.com
credit: nytimes.com



credit: nytimes.com

I loved these looks from the stars and SHOUT OUT TO Tiffany Haddish honoring her father by showing homage to her roots of Eirtrean gown on the red carpet…

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credit: nytimes.com

AND for wearing her dress for the white Alexander McQueen gown a third time at the Oscars lol. She had originally said she paid $4k for the dress so she’s going to keep wearing it lol.

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credit: eonline.com

Danii Gold Out!

New Season Premieres This Week


I’m sooooo excited about this week’s shows coming back. Let me break it down for ya….

Tuesday (TODAY) –This Is Us comes back on tonight at 8pm on NBC, Channel 5 for my St. Louis folks. The last thing we remembered was Kate saying she was responsible for her dad’s (Jack) death.

this is us cast
photo credit: inquistr.com


Wednesday–EMPIRE is back! It premieres at 8pm on FOX, Channel 2. I know a lot of people haven’t really been into it since jumping on the Power bandwagon, BUT I still watch it! Before the last season ended, there was a car explosive that Lucious was involved in (set up by Andre). When he woke up from the coma or concussion, he didn’t remember anything! *cues dramatic music* BUT him and Cookie are back together…for now.

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Also Star comes back on at 9pm on FOX, after Empire. I don’t watch it, but I’m just informing y’all lol!

Lastly, Thursday–How To Get Away With Murder is back, showing on at 9pm, on ABC, on Channel 12, for my Charter folks. Last thing I remember was Wes body being gone and seeing them showing a play by play of how he died. Please Lordt let that man still be alive because I cried when he died.

CRredit: PopSugar.com


I hope you all enjoy it, just like I will!!


Black Women That Rock 2017


So I caught the Black Girls Rock special last night and I was so proud! Seeing women that look like me achieve a rare accomplishment, especially from where we started. Their motto is “Celebrating beauty, brilliant and resilience of black women around the world.”

My celeb bae, SZA, started the show out singing Normal Girl, which is one of my favorite songs on the CTRL album.


Then one of my favorite actor/actress Taraji P Henson was the host and started off with a few jokes about hair and how she embraces it and is brave about what she does with. She recently just chopped it off and it looks LOVELY on her!


Taraji Henson--kissdetroit gif
KissDetroit.com credit


The first award of the night was presented to Yara Shahidi, for the “Young, Black and Gifted.” She is one of the main characters on the show Black-ish, and she recently got a spin-off show called Grown-ish that explores her college life. Coincidentally, she is starting college at Harvard in the Fall of 2018. GO YARA!!!!

Yara Shahidi BGR gif
hellobeautiful.com credit


A woman, whom I wasn’t familiar with, name Suzanne Shanks was presented with the Shot Caller award for her work on Wall Street, financing infrastructure projects.  She is the CEO of Siebert Branford Shanks & Co, LLC AND CEO of Siebert Financial Corporation. She is the first black woman to lead a publicly traded financial institution. KUDOS to Ms. Suzanne!!!!


Suzanne Shank--KKOL cred
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The creator and star of one of my favorite shows Insecure, Issa Rae was presented with the Star Power awards, for her excellent work on Insecure and making it one of the main topics on a Sunday night.

ISSA RA EBlack+Girls+Rock+2017+Show+WMZRaaDcIizx
Zimbio.com credit


Lastly, AUNTIE Maxine Waters took the cake with her speech and overall using her platform to be speak up about this “President” of ours.

Here are a few quotes she said last night:

“I am you and you are me. We have power & influence”

“Not only will we resist you but we will impeach you, Mr. President.”

“I don’t care how big you think you are. I care how high you think you are…if you come for me, I’m coming for you!”

YES MA’AM AUNTIE MAXINE!! She says she is reclaiming her time hunny and I aint mad at her!!

ALL of these Black Women Rock!!! Watching these awards gave me a slight boost of confidence and made me realize.. don’t be afraid to be different, being awkward is okay, think for yourself and lastly SPEAK UP!!






Golden Globe Awards: My favorite highlights

The Golden Globes were alright to me…just alright.The highlight of the night for me, other than Denzel Washington winning the Cecile B. Millie Award, was one of my favorite actresses winning the award for Best Actress in A Drama Television Series–Taraji P Henson. I just LOVE this lady. This was her first Golden Globe win and really her first BIG win as her role on Empire, playing Cookie Lyon. She rocked a white Stella McCartney Gown to the show.

Before Taraji’s speech, when it was announced that she won the award, she started handing out cookies to people in the crowd on her way up to the stage. HA, now that was hilarious.  Her speech was everything and she was being herself, and that’s real. In her speech, she says that it’s odd that she got her award for playing a woman who sold crack and spent 17 years in jail versus, her getting an award for a more positive role, like what she had played in the Karate Kid. But she says “The World Loves Real.” Here’s the video below:


I wish her more success and more awards in the future and I will continue to be a fan of hers.


photo credit: flipboard.com

Finally Some Recognition : Emmys 2015


I watched the Emmys last night, it was partially boring but I was proud as a black woman at what recognition, us black women received.

The beautiful talented Regina  King, received her first Emmy in the category of “Limited Series or Movies Supporting Actress” for her role in American Crime. She started out acting in the 1980’s show 227, then branched off into movies such as  A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and Friday. Taraji P. Henson, one of my favorite actresses, presented Regina with the Emmy. Taraji showed Regina so much love, merit and recognition.

Another moment that made history last night was Viola Davis becoming the FIRST black woman to win “LEAD Actress in a Drama Series” for her role in How To Get Away With Murder.” This was Viola’s first Emmy. In her speech she said “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. ” With that quote, I believe she was saying that black women get the second-hand or even third-hand acting jobs, such as slaves, servants, side kicks, etc. We are better than just those characters. To see how far black women have came, it’s an accomplishment.

Also Uzo Aduba, who plays Crazy Eyes in Orange Is The New Black, won her second Emmy for the second year straight for her role in Orange Is The New Black. Last year she won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in A Comedy Series and this year she upgraded.

You all know that I love Key & Peele and the show did not win any awards last night BUT at least they were nominated.

Welp that’s all I got for you all, until next time. DANII GOLD is out!

viola davis--npr.org
uzo aduba--eonline