If You Didn’t Know, Now You Know

It’s been a lot going on in the world, and the message has been clear but just in case you wondered where Danii Gold stands on all of this, here it is:

Black Lives Matter.

Police harass black people more than white people.

White privilege exists.

If you aren’t black or a person of color then you wouldn’t understand.

There are some white people who use their privilege to educate the ignorant.

If you aren’t enlightened, then get enlightened.

We (black people) aren’t considered equal to white people in SOME of their eyes….STILL.

It’s 2020 and we are still fighting for equality and having to prove we matter even though there’s a whole anthem and amendments out there created for this country (USA).

The proof is in the pudding and there are laws that are clear as day to show that black people have never been equal, such as the the LATE abolishment of slavery in 1865 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Non-black people or non people of color….educate ya self.

My fellow black people, let’s keep fighting the fight.

Black Lives Matter.

That’s it. That’s the post. 

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