Chris Brown Concert Lit!

Soo I went to see Chris Brown Sunday July 29 (I know I’m late making this post).
Of course he was GREAT! He started out singing “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”, then went into performing “Juicy Booty”, “Questions”, “High End”, “Yellow Tape” and my FAVORITE song on the album “Hope You Do” which is a melody sample from Donnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be” . I could’ve left the concert after he performed that because I was THAT impressed at that point! BTW if you haven’t already, make sure you check out the review I did on Heartbreak on a Full Moon Album
After he performed his songs off the Heartbreak on a Full Moon album, he took us back to 06 and sang “Yooo”, his second single off the first album, then “Poppin”. To put the icy on the cake, he performed “Take You Down”, which we all know is the SHIT! Mind you, while he was performing all these songs, he dancing…his ass off. Not only can this man, sing, rap, dance, but he can act and produce. Call him what you want but don’t forget to mention that this man is talented.

Sidebar: I missed 6lack’s performance but I did catch H.E.R. and did good! She’s more of a mellow, chill performer. She didn’t dance much at all, but while she singed, she played her guitar. She performed my ALL TIME favorite sung by her, Best Part. Overall, I liked her performance.
Another sidebar: I went to see C Beezy for the first time in concert back in 06, with Neyo (hence, the feature photo). Crazy thing is, I completely forgot because I went to so many concerts when I was younger. But needless to say…I’ve been a fan!!
Have y’all seen Chris Brown in concert? If so, where at and how did you like it?
Comment below, let me know!
Danii Gold out!

Another Great Album: Heartbreak On a Full Moon

After listening to this album for 6 days now, I realized that maybe I should do a review on it. CHRIS BROWN CAN DO NO WRONG, MUSICALLY!   You can say whatever you want about him but one thing you can’t say is he isn’t talented. This man is talented beyond means, from acting, to singing, rapping, dancing AND fashion designer.

Even though the media has caught some of his bad moments, he’s had more good than bad; for instance, from the time he stepped on the music scene in 2005, he’s been nominated for over 200 awards and won 89 awards, including 1 Grammy for his F.A.M.E. album, which happened AFTER the Rihanna incident, that seems to never die down.

Chris has had 87 songs charted on the Billboards, 13 of those were top 10 hits and 2 of them were number 1 hit. He has released EIGHT albums in his 12-year career. Let’s just give this man credit because it’s definitely due.

Now, let’s talk about this album…GREATNESS!! I can’t think of an artist who produced 45 songs on ONE album! He sampled Roger, an 80’s artist in his song “Juicy Booty.” His two songs “Questions” and “Hope You Do” are interpolations of Kevin Little’s “Turn Me On” and Donnell Jones “Where I Wanna Be.” Other interpolates are “To My Bed” referencing to “Nice & Slow” by Usher, and “Even” which is a sample of Michael’s Jackson “Remember The Time.” This Album has some familiarity within that’ll make you want to keep listening. It has some top 100 hits for the variety radio stations and of course your normal R&B tunes from Chris.

So, before you criticize him for all his wrongdoing, look at his accomplishments. I’m not saying let his accomplishments make you forget about all the wrong he’s done BUT there are more pros than cons to him music and personal life.


ALBUM RATING: solid 5 ✨✨✨✨✨


Danii Gold out ✌🏾✌🏾


Photo credit: Chris Brown IG