Episode 5 of Entertainment Talk is Up


I finally posted a new episode of Entertainment Talk on my YouTube channel so make sure y’all check it out!

I loaded two episodes because I only have a 15 min limit on videos due to the type of account I have with YouTube.

In Episode 5 part 1, I talked about all these reality show fights and if you feel like they are overrated. I specifically talked about Love & HipHop, Black Ink Crew and Teen Mom 2 having fights on their show last week. Make sure y’all check out my post I made about that   –> Are We Tired of Reality Show Fights? I also talked about the last episode of Power and whether or not y’all think Teresi will live up to his word with the feds and rat out Tommy? Will Kanan prove that he is not loyal AGAIN? Was Terry wrong for walking out on Tasha when he was supposed to help her out by lying to the feds? I talked about all that! Check that out below!

In Episode part 2, I talked about Nicki Minaj’s interview with Funk Flex and how she kind of put Safaree on blast. She’s been coming across really aggressive lately. Do y’all think she is coming across as being a bitter Betty? Comment on my blog and let me know. Also I discussed Teyana Taylor dropping out of her tour with Jeremih over some mistreatment she received by him. She decided to start her own tour titled the K.T.S.E Tour, the same as her album title. Check it out below!

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Is Broadcasting Your Wedding on live Television too much?

Yandy from Love and Hip Hop New York got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Mendecees Harris, and decided to broadcast it live on VH1 on memorial day.

Nina and Stevie J were hosting the behind the scenes coverage, while Big Tigger was hosting in the cocktail room where all the guest were. All celebrities were there including Rasheeda, Kirk, Joseline, Peter Gunz, Tara, Lil Scrappy, Bambi, Mama Dee, Yung Joc, Rich Dollaz, Moniece, Karlie Redd, K. Michelle and many more. Kimbella was Yandy’s maid of honor, and Juelz Santana was Mendecees best man, along with his oldest son Lil Mendecees.

Here’s what I find a little extra about it all; some things should be left in the dark. Pictures are fine and what not but broadcasting the whole thing seems flashy. I mean they aren’t Jay-Z & Beyonce or John Legend & Chrissy Teigan, NOT saying they ain’t shit or discrediting the couple but why broadcast it? They did get in the whole theme of it and did a poll “Which dress should Yandy wear?” Like buying TWO wedding dresses to have the audience choose one, it’s overdoing it. HATING, not at all.I  like Yandy but I think she is falling into of those typical reality TV stars.

At first when she came on to Love and Hip Hop New York. She was strictly about her business, managing Jim Jones and was really committed to working for him, then after she stopped working for him, it seemed like they stopped showing what other business she took care off. Then there came Love and the Hip Hop portion was cut off. I enjoyed seeing her handle her business and actually being someone other than a reality star. She is a talent agent under Mona Scott’s company,so she actually makes money but I want to show more of what she does and be a positive look for the Love & Hip Hop New York show.

Here’s a love picture of the couple!

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