The BlacKkKlansmen Movie Review


Over the weekend  I seen this movie and did NOT know that it was based on a true story. I really thought it was just another great movie that  Jordan Peele wrote and Spike Lee so happenedly directed BUT that was partially the case. The man character Ron Stallsworth, is played by John David Washington, which is Denzel Washington’s SON. Ron is a rookie at the Colorado Springs police department and is placed on special assignment when he persuaded the chief that the KKK needed to be investigated. He infiltrated the Klan by calling them (got the number from local newspaper, stupid right?) Since there wasn’t caller ID back then, Ron didn’t have to call private. He literally put on his “white voice” and got in.

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Ron used his “white voice” over the phone and had his white coworker actually go meet up with the klan and eventually join. There’s always one skeptical person and that was one of the Klansmen. He tried to intimidate the “white Ron Stallsworth” but it didn’t work.

The real Ron Stallsworth befriended a woman by the name of Patrice, from the Black Student Union at a local college and she was pro Black and down with the Black Power Movement. The police department tried to compare her and the  student union to the “dangerous” Black Panther Movement but they weren’t like that BUT even if they were, they would be fighting or equality and respect.

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Any who, the Klan was working on an attack towards the black student union, specifically Patrice because she was very vocal on the racism she faced, specifically from the Colorado Police Department, an officer that Ron was familiar with.  

Ron had spoken to the David Duke over the phone on multiple occasions. David Duke was the head of the Klan at the time and so happened to be a politician. He was granted the opportunity to meet him in person, as himself, as his security for the initiation of the white version of him being inducted into the Klu Klux Klan. Along with the initiation going on, that same day was the day that the KKK had planned to attack Patrice and the Student Union. Ron stopped the attacked and it ended up back firing on the people involved because they were the ones who ended up dying.

While investigating the KKK, There weren’t any cross burnings happening in that chapter, nor any hangings or other causes of death. Ron also helped the FBI identify missing weapons (that were used in the attempted attack) that were stolen by military members who were actually in the KKK as well. They were arrested.

What was educational about the movie?

  • The fact that it was a true story and the fact that you wouldn’t be able to do this now as easy due to technology.
  • The fact that they really thought that black people only talked a certain way. The klan said that black people say things like “shucking and jiving” AND EVEN MORE FUNNY, instead of saying “Are you going to the store to get some chicken” we say “Ar-uh”, like we really can’t say the word “are”. So judgmental, but are we surprised…nah.

Why was this funny?

  • This was funny because the Klan and any other racist people don’t give Black People enough credit for being just as smart and even smarter than them.
  • The Klan got GOT. Now’s who’s the dumb one.
  • Also, the fact the David Duke didn’t know he was talking to a black man over the phone and he was sooooo comfortable with the real Ron. Btw, David Duke was played by Topher Grace, who played Eric Forman on That 70’s Show.

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Why was the infiltration successful?

  • Ron saved lives
  • Ron prevented SOME cross burnings
  • He got a lot of intel

Why was the movie successful?

Well, it brought in  $10.8 Million opening weekend! 

I  really enjoyed this movie. It was informative, entertaining, kind of angering because of the language used, but overall it was a good movie.

What did you all think of the movie?

Comment below and let me know!

Danii Gold out!

“Racism Wasn’t Real”..Bishh What?

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Real Housewives of Atlanta is what I’m referring to. The reunion to RHOA came on Sunday night and FORMER Housewife Kim Zolciak was having an argument with the whole cast regarding her daughter Brielle. Kim’s daughter Brielle was at Nenes house during a party, and decided to go in her bathroom and take a few selfie videos. As she was recording, she “supposedly” stumbled across roaches in the bathroom. She then eventually uploaded the video on Instagram. So anyone who is black knows that if you tell someone that they have roaches in their house, that’s a sign of being dirty and to take it a step deeper, it’s a metaphor for racism, as Andy Cohen had stated.

Cast mate Kandi Burruss brought that point up and stated that the incident could have been taken wrong and even racist because when you think of roaches in a house, some people link it to black people and being dirty. When Kandi said that the reference could come across as being racist, KIM opened her ole inflated ass lip and said “Racism wasn’t all that  real” …I’m sorry….what ma’am??

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You heard me right!! She said that the cast was “reaching” and that  “this whole racism thing in this day & age is bullshit.” And she said it front of Sheree, who is her BLACK friend. You would have thought that Sheree  would’ve checked her “friend” on the comment. We don’t know what happened when the cameras stopped rolling, but I feel like that is something that should’ve been filmed if Sheree responded.

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First off, racism is VERY real. There are people who DON’T like Black people, STILL. There are people who don’t like Asians, Arabians, etc. So for Kim to say that, she is WRONG AS FUCK! You would think that since she’s surrounded herself with multiple black friends over the past 10 years, she would know the history of black people and not say that fucked up comment of racism “not being all that real.” Sheree needs to her “check her boo.” Maybe Kim isn’t racist and she just has racists way and a filthy way of expressing her thought about it! Maybe Kim IS racist and has been trying to hide it while being on the show with SEVERAL black women. WHO KNOWS!

Now that the reunion is over, it was announced a few weeks ago that Kim was NEVER going back on the show EVER.

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We don’t wanna see you ANYWAYS! Also, after the show, Kim was crying backstage saying that felt attacked and there was nothing good to say about her. Andy Cohen brought up a point that her whole story line hasn’t been positive (not those exact words, but a summary of it). That could be a reason why she isn’t returning. Another reason could be because of her comment and the network didn’t want any backlash from viewers, so BOOM she’s gone.

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What are your thought on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Part 3 Reunion?

“This Is Us”: Addressing Racism

Did you catch last night episode of This Is Us??? If you didn’t….YOU SHOULD!!!! If you don’t watch the show…again YOU SHOULD!!!!The format is contrastive to any other show you may watch. It has a bit of diversity in it and the characters aren’t cliché–especially Randall’s, one of the main characters” wife. She is one of my favorites.

(Background info): The mother of the three children, Rebecca, was pregnant with triplets but one of them didn’t survive. On that same day she gave birth, Randall was born that same day and Rebecca adopted him; replacing the spot of the original triplet. Randall is also black and the family is white

(Spoiler Alert) Last night on the fourth episode of This Is Us, it shun a light on racism. As the episode took a step back into time when the main characters were kids, the grandmother to the children treated Randall different than his siblings. To Rebecca’s knowledge, she thought it was because he was adopted but in actuality, it is because he is black. The Grandmother would make rude remarks like “The twins AND Randall” versus saying the triplets, or “Who would have thought that Randall would be the one to attend a private school;” OR even better; When the grandmother visits the family, she always brings Randall a basketball. To the mother, Rebecca’s recollection, Grandma has brought Randall two basketballs before.

So if you aren’t catching what I’m throwing down or smelling what I’m stepping in, let me break it down for you:

  • First off, why does grandma have to single out Randall by adding him as an additional like he’s a dog or other relative; for example: “the kids and Lassie (a dog)” or “the twins and daisy (a cat)”?
  • Secondly, why is it a surprise that he would go to a private school? Is it because he’s black and there is a stereotype that black kids don’t attend private school OR aren’t smart enough for them?
  • Lastly, WHY does she keep buying this kid a basketball? I’ll tell you why..because there is a stereotype that ALL black people, specifically boys/men, are good at basketball. Randall said he didn’t like basketball and that he preferred football, BUT he would try it just for his grandma. Awww that’s sweet.

After Grandma did all that in the span of five minutes, her daughter Rebecca called her out on it. She flat out called her mom a racist! Now mind you, the show takes place in the late 80’s possibly into 90’s, when they go back in time. Racism, compared to the 1960’s had calmed down, so Grandma should have known better, BUT on the flip side, she grew up during a time that black people did not have equal rights.

Any who, after Rebecca called out her mom, she told her that she would have to leave her house, in which she wasn’t invited to on that specific day.  My point with all this is–right is right and wrong is wrong. If you have to call out your own mother about her remarks being racist or closed-minded then DO THAT!! What makes the show even better that it is a white woman calling out another white person about being racist.

With all the injustice and police brutality going on today, there needs to be a white person that speaks up on the issues. If some white people don’t agree with the actions and FACTS coming from black people, and another white person understands more, then the understanding white person should speak up and educate the “not-understanding” white person.

Sometimes it’s easier to listen to someone who shares the same race as you, than someone who doesn’t.


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