“Racism Wasn’t Real”..Bishh What?

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Real Housewives of Atlanta is what I’m referring to. The reunion to RHOA came on Sunday night and FORMER Housewife Kim Zolciak was having an argument with the whole cast regarding her daughter Brielle. Kim’s daughter Brielle was at Nenes house during a party, and decided to go in her bathroom and take a few selfie videos. As she was recording, she “supposedly” stumbled across roaches in the bathroom. She then eventually uploaded the video on Instagram. So anyone who is black knows that if you tell someone that they have roaches in their house, that’s a sign of being dirty and to take it a step deeper, it’s a metaphor for racism, as Andy Cohen had stated.

Cast mate Kandi Burruss brought that point up and stated that the incident could have been taken wrong and even racist because when you think of roaches in a house, some people link it to black people and being dirty. When Kandi said that the reference could come across as being racist, KIM opened her ole inflated ass lip and said “Racism wasn’t all that  real” …I’m sorry….what ma’am??

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You heard me right!! She said that the cast was “reaching” and that  “this whole racism thing in this day & age is bullshit.” And she said it front of Sheree, who is her BLACK friend. You would have thought that Sheree  would’ve checked her “friend” on the comment. We don’t know what happened when the cameras stopped rolling, but I feel like that is something that should’ve been filmed if Sheree responded.

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First off, racism is VERY real. There are people who DON’T like Black people, STILL. There are people who don’t like Asians, Arabians, etc. So for Kim to say that, she is WRONG AS FUCK! You would think that since she’s surrounded herself with multiple black friends over the past 10 years, she would know the history of black people and not say that fucked up comment of racism “not being all that real.” Sheree needs to her “check her boo.” Maybe Kim isn’t racist and she just has racists way and a filthy way of expressing her thought about it! Maybe Kim IS racist and has been trying to hide it while being on the show with SEVERAL black women. WHO KNOWS!

Now that the reunion is over, it was announced a few weeks ago that Kim was NEVER going back on the show EVER.

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We don’t wanna see you ANYWAYS! Also, after the show, Kim was crying backstage saying that felt attacked and there was nothing good to say about her. Andy Cohen brought up a point that her whole story line hasn’t been positive (not those exact words, but a summary of it). That could be a reason why she isn’t returning. Another reason could be because of her comment and the network didn’t want any backlash from viewers, so BOOM she’s gone.

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What are your thought on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Part 3 Reunion?

3 thoughts on ““Racism Wasn’t Real”..Bishh What?

  • Kim used to be like-able but I think all the plastic surgery is going to her brain and really messing her up. It’s messing her kids up as well, they’re just as disrespectful toward people; especially to Nene recently.

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    • Yeah that surgery is getting out of hand. If those lips get any bigger, she won’t be able to close them! But she did use to be like-able but I guess once she was off the show, she thought she was better than everyone!

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      • Yup! She’s always had a chip on her shoulder but it got worse when she got her own show and then got married. I was over her when I watched her solo show and saw how she talked and treated her mother. She’s disgusting, all that money won’t buy her class.

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