Blogging Challenge: Day 10: Favorite Trips

The Trip of My Life…

I actually have a top 3!

First is My Spring Break Panama Trip 2012. Man oh Man. I was 20 and it was fun! I was drinking underage of course but it was a group of 7. Me and my college friends KICKED IT!! Foam party, house party, beach fun!!! 




*slightly ratchet, don’t judge lol*

Second is My Cruise Trip    I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica; CaymanIslands; Cozumel, Mexico. It was just nice traveling outside the country and along the sea too! You gotta click the link to see my trip and it’s entirety.

Third is my trip to CABO!!!!!!!!!! <—– click the link to get the story but check out SOME of the pictures below.




What are your favorite trips?? Comment them below!!


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