Blogging Challenge: Day 10: Favorite Trips

The Trip of My Life…

I actually have a top 3!

First is My Spring Break Panama Trip 2012. Man oh Man. I was 20 and it was fun! I was drinking underage of course but it was a group of 7. Me and my college friends KICKED IT!! Foam party, house party, beach fun!!! 




*slightly ratchet, don’t judge lol*

Second is My Cruise Trip    I went to Montego Bay, Jamaica; CaymanIslands; Cozumel, Mexico. It was just nice traveling outside the country and along the sea too! You gotta click the link to see my trip and it’s entirety.

Third is my trip to CABO!!!!!!!!!! <—– click the link to get the story but check out SOME of the pictures below.




What are your favorite trips?? Comment them below!!


When in Doubt, Travel It Out: Cabo Edition

I just got back from my trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and let me tell you…I needed it! Between going to work, being in school and working an internship, I never have time to focus on me.

I was gone from Friday until Monday night (yesterday) and I didn’t even think about work or school. It’s like it never existed lol. I think this is part of that self care that everyone is talking about; take care of you!

Even though I didn’t sleep much and relax long, I had fun just kicking it; drinking, eating, and exploring, just living my best life!

I realized that taking vacations, short or long, far or close, are sometimes needed just to take your mind off of the stresses in your life and not being in close proximity of them. Sometimes taking a vacation can mean just sleeping your day away, stuffing your face and getting drunk and going back to sleep. Yes, you can do that at home BUUUUUT sometimes you don’t want to be in city limits of what you’re trying to temporarily get away from.

I’m already planning my next trip and it’ll simply be a celebration for me graduating and of course A TURN UP. But a short synopsis of my Cabo trip:

  • I went with a group of 50 or more people.
  • No special occasion, just a quick, semi-cheap trip to take
  • Day 1: meet & greet (it was about 60 of us) anddd a lot of drinking lol.
  • Day 2: ATV riding and Cabo nightlife. The Cabo club definitely love St.Louis folks!!



  • Day 3: Regrouping from the nightlife  lol and Boat Party And Chill day, OH and we saw a whale!!


  • Day 4: Leaving Cabo, blahhhhhhhhhhh!

I enjoyed myself but I would’ve loved to site see Cabo San Lucas a lil more but overall, it was a fun trip. Shout out to our travel agent Miki Jones—AMJ Getaways , for putting together a lit trip!

Check out some more pics from the trip below!!