Say WHAT Ye’?

So…Kanye sat down for an exclusive interview with Charlamagne The God to talk about his recent remarks and what he’s been doing the past year.

Kanye talked about pretty much being black balled in the fashion industry. He went into detail about him parting ways with Nike dealing with his Yeezy shoes. Ye says that Nike didn’t want him to profit from the shoes but instead have a certain percent go to a charity of his choice. I can definitely agree with that decision to part ways. They didn’t want him to grow and build something big and now he’s with Adidas and the company is at $15 million. Things got a little darker when Ye says he was late to a fashion show that we was part of and people were upset about it, then the following week Kim Kardashian-West, his wife, was robbed. This made him really paranoid. He’s already a black man who’s powerful in the music industry and making big bucks in fashion and to some of the jealous white eye, that’s not a good thing.

After these series of events, plus what could have been many more, Ye was hospitalized for “exhaustion” and stress. BUT he went to see TMZ yesterday and said that he had to get liposuction and the doctors gave him opioids and he became addicted to them and that’s what caused him to go to the hospital. Back to liposuction….yes Kanye got liposuction and he said he got it, supposedly, so people wouldn’t call him fat like they did Rob Kardashian. That’s sad. What’s even sadder is him getting the procedure done to please the public then becoming addicted to the drugs he was prescribed. He tried to wheel of the opioids for two days but ended up in the hospital.

Just when I thought I felt sorry for the man, he goes on to say, on TMZ, that after 400 years of slavery, it sounds more like a choice…I’m sorry, say what now?

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HOW SWAY?? So you mean to tell me my great-great-great-great grandma decided to be put in shackles on a boat uncomfortably,  shipped away from her family, on her free will; along with being raped?? Naw Ye, you tripping Ye. I don’t know what’s been going on with Kanye but he’s clearly in a sunken place. Of course, he tried to clean it up saying that’s not what he really meant, but sounds fucked up to use that analogy. His mind is GONE and he could still be mourning the loss of mother. He could be wanting a reaction out of people and trying to be the center of attention because his album drops next month OR he could be wanting acceptance from the white community because they are the ones who tried to blackball him. Or he could possibly be in the state of mind…of a white man. Either way, the black community, including myself, are very disappointed in this man.

Speaking of disappointment, while Ye was at TMZ, one of the writers, Van Lathan spoke up and said that Ye can feel how he wants but there is a fact that there’s a consequence of what he said regarding “slavery was a choice.” HE goes on to say that Kanye “goes on making music and being an artist and living the life that you earned by being a genius, while the rest of us in society have to deal with these threat to our lives with the marginalization that comes from the 400 years of slavery that you said, was a choice.” He says that Ye has morphed into something that’s not real. It took some balls to speak out to Kanye like he did. He says he is hurt and disappointed by him. You and me both Van, you and me both.

So what are your thoughts about Ye’s recent antic? Comment them below!

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