200 Posts!!


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WOW! I’ve made it to 200 posts. I remember when I first started this blog back in 2014 and it was hard for me to put myself out there and expose my writing and thoughts to the world. Now here I am 200 posts in. 

Fun fact, I made it to 100 posts last year around this time, February 7 to be exact. So when you do the math, it took me 1 years to make 100 posts, but 3-4 years to make it to 100 posts. Whew chile the progressive.

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Here are my top favorite posts:

Black Panther Greatness

Getting My Masters

Reality Show Fights

I’m Dope Because…

The Hate U Give

Blackish Addressing Colorism

Surviving R. Kelly

BET Stepping It Up


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