Start Today, Why Wait?

Just because 2018 is starting in a few days,  doesn’t mean you have to start over when  a new year starts. Do you want to live a healthier life? Start today. Want to start exercising? Do a few sit ups or jumping jacks TODAY! Do you want to start a business “next year “? Start … Continue reading Start Today, Why Wait?


R&B Music from New Artist 2017

This year a lot of R & B artists caught a break and starting popping this year. Even though some of the artists have been making music for years, this year they started to get a lot of attention. For instance: H.E.R, has had an hidden identity for the longest until recently, it came out … Continue reading R&B Music from New Artist 2017

Album Releases of 2017

This year was  a great year for music. I've been more in tune with music than any other years It's like, the albums that people had been waiting for were released this year, such as Jay Z, Kendrick and J.Cole. Here is the break down of the Hip Hop albums were released this year. DAMN … Continue reading Album Releases of 2017