[DELUX Mag] Nobody’s Fool Movie Review

I went to see Tyler Perry’s new movie Nobody’s Fool. Check out my review below on DeluxMag.com:

Tyler Perry released his first Rated R movie—Nobody’s Fool over the weekend—and I decided to check it out. Mainly because Tiffany Haddish is the best female comedian out right now.

The movie is about Danica (played by Tika Sumpter) dating a guy named Charlie online but has never met him before. Her sister Tanya (played by Tiffany Haddish) gets out of jail and finds out that her sister could possibly be getting catfished, so she decided to intervene and call Nev & Max from the show Catfish.

Of course, things didn’t add up…at the time, so Danica was feeling down. In between time. she goes to this coffee shop every morning before work to get her coffee and Frank, played by Omari Hardwick, is feeling her. Unfortunately, she’s not interested because she is somewhat high maintenance and she just sees him as a coffee shop owner.

She finally comes to her senses—gets with Frank—then the real Charlie shows up. Danica entertains him, and it turns out he was all that she was expecting. So, she has to win Frank back over, which she eventually did in the end.


Here comes the critique….

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Have you seen the movie? What are your thoughts? Comment them below or on the Delux Mag website.

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[DELUX MAG]: Is Comedy Beef the New Beef?

I published my first story with Delux Mag. Check it out below:


Is comedian beef, the new beef?

In the past few months, comedians such as Michael BlacksonKatt Williams and Mike Epps have been having a common beef, or disagreement with someone specific—Kevin Hart. The instance just this year was Kevin Hart and Michael Blackson. Kevin spoke about cheating on his wife and turned lemons into lemonade by making the scandal into a comedy tour, but Michael Blackson felt the need to speak on it and even joke about it.

“It’s like you can talk about your sister—but nobody can else do it.” Blackson made jokes about Hart saying he should have changed his story and not admitted to cheating. Hart didn’t take his comments lightly and he responded on the Breakfast Club by saying, “Michael was looking for likes and he’s jeopardizing his relationship with him, just to get some attention.”

The back and forth went on for a couple months until they finally squashed it in April.Months later, Hart and Mike Epps had some exchanging of words. Epps replied to a fan’s comment on Instagram by saying, “Everybody was funnier than Kevin Hart.” Of course, Hart didn’t take that lightly and responded to Epps on Instagram calling him bitter and stating he wants to see him win as well.

comedy beef

He added that if his success makes Epps sick, then he’ll hand him a throw up bucket because this next year will be his best year. Epps responded back on Instagram, stating, “Kevin is “starving” to be a victim and he talks about everybody.”

He continued with pointing out everybody has something to say about Hart, so he shouldn’t be singled out. Both Epps and Hart have been cool for years, and he states there isn’t a beef, and if it was he wouldn’t have responded. The last thing he said in that moment on Instagram was “Like I told you face to face Congrats on everything man. You seem to be a great person…but I still don’t think yo a** funny.”

Epps appeared on the Breakfast Clubsee more


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“Night School” Movie Review

Over the weekend I went to see Night School starring Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart. If you haven’t seen the million previews over the last few months, the movie is about Kevin Hart being a  high school dropout and he has to go back to high school because his job as a top salesman ended, due to him burning down the store. In order for him to work as a financial analyst at his friend’s company, he has to get his GED. But in the mean time, he’s working at fast food chicken spot. His nigh school teacher is Tiffany Haddish and she is TOUGH. She plays somewhat of a serious, which is different for her and I liked that. The story line is pretty predictable, because in the end he gets his GED..after 2-3 times of taking the test.

I feel like the jokes weren’t that funny. Yes, the movie had it’s funny parts but overall, I could’ve waited to see this movie on TV or come out on DVD. I like Tiffany Haddish role more than Kevin Hart because she played something reverse of what she usually does, which is comedy.

I will commend Kevin on producing this film under his HartBeat Productions Company; BUT, to me, he is not as funny as he use to be anymore. Yes, he has legendary jokes that we can still use to this day BUT I can’t think of any recent joke that has been truly funny. I would love to see him play a serious role in an action film, with limited comedy or limited typical Kevin Hart comedy, if that makes sense. 

Has Kevin Hart become unfunny? Let me know your thought below!

Blog Challenge: Day 20: What Makes Me Happy

blogging challenge

What makes me happy:

  • Listening to good music

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  • A sense of accomplishment

  • My family and friends, more specifically…………..

  • My baby sister, she’s 1 and absolutely adorbs!


  • Comedy

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  • Dancing

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  • Sappy engagement videos, delivery videos and surprise army visits. (it actually makes me cry, but happy tears)

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  • FOOD!!!

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What makes you happy??

Monique, Are You Done?

Hey My loves……When will Monique stop? I’m not going to discredit the woman but geezzzzz, she has an issue with EVERYONE. Just a week ago, she was complaining about movie director Will Packer trying to intimidate and ruin her career. Then, the big trending topic was her wanting everyone to boycott Netflix for offering her only $500,000 for a comedy special.

Now, Before I start my rant, I’ll give her her credit.

Growing up, I watched her in shows and films such as; The Parkers, 3 Strikes, Two Can Play That GameSoul Plane and even Precious. She’s even won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a SAG award and many others for her role in Precious. She was even considered a Queen of Comedy in 2001 as she featured in the comedy special. BUT if we’re being honest, she hasn’t had a big comedy role in a movie since Soul Plane and that’s debatable since she didn’t have a big role. I WILL say that she was funny is The Parkers. The role that she won the most awards for was Precious and we ALL know that that film was far from a comedy film. Yes, I think she can be funny buuuuuuut she’s not that funny to get $11 million, BUT that’s just my opinion.

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As I said before, Monique wants everyone to boycott Netflix because they offered her $500,000 for a comedy special. She explains that Amy Schumer was offered $11 million and even negotiated $2 million more.  Amy came out with a movie last spring titles Snatched, that grossed $60 million. In 2015, her movie TrainWreck grossed $140 million. In those two movies, she was the leading lady and that alone shows that she has a huge following and with her fan base, they would bring their attention to her Netflix comedy special. Monique’s last movie, Almost Christmas, brought in $42 million, which is GREAT, but Monique wasn’t one of the main characters. She was probably the 5th or 6th main character. Her film before that was Bessie, another film in which she’s wasn’t a a leading lady BUT the film aired on HBO and brought in over 1 million viewers.

Now, Monique claims that Netflix is being Gender-bias and even Color-bias; but let’s call a spade a spade, Netflix offered Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock $20 Million and they are both BLACK MEN! I understand that there aren’t any comedy specials with black women, but that’s probably because Tiffany Haddish is busy living her life and getting endorsement deals with Groupon. I can guarantee that if Tiffany was offered a comedy special with Netflix, she would probably get close to what Amy Schumer got paid.

Now, let’s talk about all the issues she’s had with major people in the industry. First, when she was nominated for an Oscar for her role in Precious, Oprah vouched for her and of course the film since she partially produced it; so her and Monique had a good relationship. Things got sour when Monique’s brother, who molested her as a child, wanted to come on The Oprah Show to talk about the abuse. Oprah asked for Monique’s permission and she accepted and even invited her on the show, but she declined. Things took a turn in their friendship when Monique’s mom accompanied her brother on the show. Monique didn’t know that her mother was going to be on the show and if she did, she says she would’ve shut that shit down.

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She’s also had issues with Lee Daniels, the creator of Empire & Star, and Tyler Perry. She says she was blackballed by the two, plus Oprah. I’m not saying she wasn’t but what I am saying is that she seems to have problems with major people/companies in the entertainment industry. To take it a step further, Roland Martin from TvOne News even called Monique out, but she came for him first stating that hasn’t fought for equality for Black people…which is a lie. Even I know that he’s spoken out about inequality and injustice on her show. But he definitely clapped back at Monique saying she’s treated crew members of movie sets horrible and even created an issue when she was shooting for the cover of Ebony mag. He went on to say that “How we treat others, impacts how we get paid.”


Image result for monique and lee daniel


Like I said before, she had some words for movie producer Will Packer; stating that he tried to threaten her and blah blah blah. Well his friend, comedian Gary Owens, (the one we traded for Stacey Dash), called out Monique pretty much saying don’t down talk his friend. Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll OF COURSE she clapped back saying she hopes he fights for his black wife and daughter as hard as he fights for his best friend–Will Packer.

Dis tew much!

Image result for dis tew much meme


So, to sum it up, Monique is funny, a good actress, buuuuut the timing of her wanting her own comedy special for an amount equaling to Amy Schumer, when she hasn’t played a lead comedy role in a while is not likely. Should she have gotten more than $500,000? YES. Should she have gotten $11 million? Honestly no. In this day in age, it’s about relevancy. If you have 500 followers on Instagram and you want fashion Nova to pay you, for you to promote their brand, they will say no. If you have 2 million followers and a bigger platform and following, Fashion Nova will likely pay you. Again, It’s about relevancy. If Monique wasn’t please with the offer she got, she could’ve went to a different network, like Comedy Central, HBO, Starz, etc.

Monique, you cool and all but simmer simmer and humble yourself. Take your talents to another network and make some more moolah.

I love y’all…forreal!


Danii Gold out!

Who does that? : Key & Peele Canceled

I can’t believe Key and Peele aired their last show yesterday (September 9, 2015). Really, “Who Does That?” (*Meegan voice ).

If you’re not familiar with the show, Key and Peele are a comedy pair played by Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele and they act out comedy sketches and imitate real life people.  One of the characters that Peele plays is Meegan, a rude, ignorant, dingy girlfriend of Andre, played by Key; who is smart, polite but too dumb to leave Meegan’s crazy ass. As Peele plays her, he uses a white girl voice and uses a typical demeanor and tone as a white female. Meegan likes to cause drama and wants Andre to chase after her but just when she thinks about making up, she looks at Andre seductively then dramatically walks off.

Jordan Peele does a perfect impersonation of President Barack Obama and he uses Key and his hood translator and they talk about typical issues but add comedy to it.

Key is best known for his character of the Substitute Teacher. In that skit, he plays a “inner city” substitute teacher who pronounces every student’s name wrong–A-A-Ron (Aaron), Ba-lak-kay (Blake), De-Nice ( Denise). The comedy in this is that inner city students have odd spelled and pronounced names. So as he is calling out all these incorrectly pronounced names, he’s getting no response and he starts snapping out on the students. The infamous Substitute Teacher episode was aired in their second season of doing their show. It’s crazy to see that Key & Peele actually got their break on MadTv and then branched off into an even bigger comedy sketch show.                                                     


According to Key, it wasn’t the network but instead himself and Peele who decided to wrap up the show. He goes on to say that it’s time for them to explore other options and they ” may ” even make a movie then do their own thing, then do another movie and etc. Even though nothing is set in stone, I would LOVE to see that happen. The two were nominated for EIGHT Emmy Awards this year, that is simply amazing. The Award Show airs Sunday September 20, so hopefully they take the win on at least one award.

I’m really going to miss this show!

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Danii Gold out!!