Blog Challenge: Day 21

What makes me sad…

Death. It makes me sad knowing that I won’t be on this earth forever and what the transition would be like and what Life is like after death. Will I be floating around looking over my loved ones? Will I be born again and coming out of a different vagina and living a different life as a new person? So many questions lol, but overall, death is what makes me sad.

Fear of not having children. It makes me sad thinking that I may leave this world without having children. I want to leave my mark in the world, besides my accomplished work, a child would make me happy. My little sister is the closest thing i have to a kid and even if I don’ t have a kid, I have her. BUT i want like 3-4 kids and the way that women are having fertility issues in this day in age, scares me! Like what is in the water? That scares me and makes me sad.

Not being successful makes me sad sometimes. The thought of failing is sad to me, but I guess it’s the key to success.

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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 6

What am I afraid of….death.

I understand that it has to happen but I’m afraid of the unexpectedness of it all, the sense of dying and not getting done what you’ve wanted to accomplish in life. I’m nervous of my close loved ones dying but for me, I’m terribly afraid, the feeling I have to experience and the “what not” of it. I would love to see the loved ones that have passed away while I’m in heaven but it’s just the process that scares.

Besides that, I’m afraid of mice, rats, and snakes. Scary shit. I can handle small spiders, nothing a shoe can’t kill but it’s the big stuff I can’t deal with lol.

That’s all I got for this challenge. Make sure you check out Day 5 Challenge, and Day 4 Challenge!

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Notorious BIG 21st Death Anniversary

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Today marks the 21 years that the Notorious BIG was murdered in Los Angeles. His music continues to live on and murder case is still unsolved.

Lately, there has been a lot of Biggie unsolved murder series showing on television; from Biggie: The Life of Notorious, to Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and Notorious BIGĀ to Oxygen network shows and plenty more, PLUS the movie that came out in 2009, which was a good film; but it’s a bit overwhelming. It’s like the network are blatantly trying to make money off the unsolved murder (including Tupac) and to me, reopening the wounds of his loved ones, like his mother, ex-wife and more importantly his children. I feel like the case could be handled out of the public without creating television shows about it. I appreciate the perspective but it’s becoming a bit too much. Overall, I hope the murder does get solved.

Some of Biggie’s hits are “Juicy”, “Hypnotize”, “Big Poppa”, “Party & Bullshit”, “Who Shot Ya”, “Mo Money Mo Problems” and several more. Use this day to play all your Biggie hits if you’re a hip hop fan.

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