Blog Challenge Day 24-30 FINALLY!

I’ve been behind guys, I’m terribly sorry.

Day 24: What attracts me, when dealing with love

  • Affection. It’s something about being held, and being kissed & touched in the right places. 

  • A sense of remembering things. I hate repeating myself about certain things, so if a guy can remember something I told him and elaborate on it, I’m attracted to that.

  • If you can make me laugh, I’m attracted to your humor.

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  • A pretty smile is sooo sexy to me, if you can make me laugh an on top of that, laugh with me and show those beautiful teeth…LORD!

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I feel like I have so many, but I’ll keep it short.

  • Not blogging while in college. I could have been really big by now.

  • Not taking dance seriously in college

  • Not doing sports in high school.

  • Dealing with F*** boys!

  • Pursuing digital media sooner than now


I’m kind of good at imitations. Like E-40 (my best one), Kevin Hart, and a couple more lol. I wish I could sing, or paint, but for now, I’m only good at imitations lol.



I have sandals, boots, sweaters, sundresses, and UGGS in my closet. I stay in Missouri and the weather here is bipolar AF. I also have a Sombrero in my closet from Chevys lol.


Hmmmmm, I remember being in 7th grade at my new school. For some reason I carried around this binder with my posters from magazines Word Up and Right On. They were posters of B2k, IMX, and whoever was poppin back in 2003 lol. Well when I got out of class and was walking to my next class, i spilled out alll my posters and people was chuckling and shit and I felt soooooooooooooooo drove (STL Slang). From them on, I never carried around those posters in a binder at school again. I still don’t know why I was carrying it around at school smh.

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I can’t think of one! If it’s a secret, why would I expose it.

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I would love to make a great deal of money monetizng my blog, conducting interview on it and have 100 followers by the end of the year, so we shall see!!!

Thanks for reading and following my blog challenge. It was fun posting something everyday and staying actice with it (minus the last week of April) lol.

Check out my future posts and feel free to comment below!

Danii Gold out!

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 5

My Proudest Moment

I’m kind of hard on myself. To me, my proudest moment would be marrying my best friend or birthing my first child. I guess there are others things I can consider like graduating with my Masters, Getting my dream internship at the radio station.

Personally, another good thing to be proud of is not letting things get to me anymore. Not everything deserves a reaction. Not letting people get the best of you and eliminating yourself from someones presence or a situation before letting them get you out of character. I think I’m most proud of those things. I use to be so antsy and disruptive over the little things when really, inside, I was and still kind of am a shy person. I use to react so quick and end up looking stupid for overreacting. NOW, I’m chill, but I’m moreso goofy than anything. I have an array of personalities (not in a crazy way) lol but I’m overall a better person than what i was in my early 20s and even prior.

Welp, uhhhh that’s all I got for this challenge!

Danii Gold out ✌🏾

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 4


It’s a toss up between being a successful business owner involving my blog, and or being an entertainment news host. I guess I could combine the two.

With my blog, I would like to interview celebrities, individual in the entertainment industry about their work and brand in general. Something more positive about entertainers in the industry versus the same typical gossip. If anything, I would like to take their stories and branch them out into a larger topic.

That’s all I got for y’all.

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Danii Gold out!!


30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 Challenge is: Favorite Quote.

This is a hard one but I have a few:

You are never as good as they say and you’re never as bad as they say you are”   –Charlamagne Tha God


It is what it is, and it ain’t what it ain’t”      –unknown


Build a bridge and get over it


The quotes I like are typical “get over it and move on.” Growing up, my momma let me have my way and when the time came when I couldn’t have my way, like in my adult life, I didn’t known how to deal with it. I had to mold myself into dealing with the mishaps and getting over it. Never expect anything from anyone, never be surprised by someone’s actions. No one is “obligated” to give you anything. You have to work for it. If you don’t get your way, it may not have been meant to happen. It probably wasn’t in God’s plan for you, as cliche as that sounds lol.

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Danii Gold out!



30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 1

Hey Everyone!!

I know I’m late on this BUT I decided to do the 30 day blogging challenge. 

Day 1 is the name of my blog, which is :E403DD48-C088-499B-AC4E-94AE0B45EED6

It is about entertainment topics, my personal rants which can be categorized as Lifestyle. I decided to branch out into different topics because I didn’t want to be in a specific box. I like fashion, food, entertainment, and some social topics of course.

I hope this challenge lets you know more about me!

(fyi, i’ll be posting back to back so make sure you check the rest out)


Danii Gold out!!